Friday, November 11, 2011

Kairo's arrived

Here is Kairo who arrived two days ago and is so quiet and calm, he is surpassing my wildest hopes for how I expected to receive him after his the long trip from Washington state. For me, a breeding stallion absolutely has to be easy to handle and be around and no doubt, this guy will be very Gitano-like in his sensible, people loving and pleasing way. It doesn't hurt to have this great mind in such a smooth package where all his pieces seem to fit magically together---wide chest, big bones, substance, and a long, long neck in what looks like will be a blue-black package. I am so grateful to Ami MacHugh, Kianto's and Wanapum's breeder, for entrusting me with this wonderful colt.

Ami previously won National Championships with Kairo's full brother, Klickitat and his full sister, Doña and hopefully, we will do the same in coming years with Kairo.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New and charming

Last night, my brother, my niece, Sara and her friend Kristen were spending the night and we were joined by Bielsa's new filly, Pippa. Photo'd here at 8 hours old, she is so gorgeous, calm and outgoing, we all were immediately enchanted. I let the girls choose her name and they chose Pippa, as in sister of Princess Kate. Just as the human Pippa took everyone's breath away when she appeared at the Royal wedding, we believe equine Pippa will also cause people to gasp and draw alot of interest.

Grey and the image of Wanapum, only with a much bigger and prettier eye than her sire has, Pippa has played with the girls, let newish dog, Myrtle, figure out the first foal born since her arrival, and laid in my lap forever in the stall. Bielsa is, as always, a calm and wonderful mother.

If there is something more fun than having foals, I would like to know what it is!

I am all wound up as my new black colt is in a trailer right now en route from Washington state to Denton. I thought nothing would be more exciting than his arrival, but now will be going back and forth between his stall and Pippa's and getting not much else done for the indefinite future.

I hope Habana will give me a few days before she has her Wanapum foal!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall update

At long last, it finally seems a little like fall and are we ever enjoying the lovely mornings.

We had great luck at the IALHA National Show. The first class of the show was PRE 2 & under fillies and our Niza, pictured here, won! On Sunday, under a different Spanish judge, Niza again won the 2 & under filly class and best overall young filly competing against the weanling, yearling and 3 year old winners and reserves.

Macanuo also had a good show. 3rd in the PRE 3 year old stallion class but first in the ANCCE 3 year old class and best overall young male against the weanling, yearling and 2 year old winners. He also won the 3 year old futurity class so I won $1,971.00 which sure helps on show expenses.

Wanapum got a mind-blowing 86 on his functionality test which is part of the 4, 5 and 6 year old PRE championship. He was therefore crowned Nat'l PRE Junior Stallion for functionality and ended up Reserve Nat'l Champ of the overall class.

Lots of other happy news, too. Welcome to Lisa and our new boarder, Chistoso. It is amazing that I just asked aloud that the right owners and horses would come for boarding and I've been so fortunate to have several people and horses that blend in beautifully. Perfeita headed last week to New Jersey and her lovely new owner called to describe how after her long trip, Perfeita unloaded to snow such that she must have thought she was arriving on a whole other planet! I am excited that Paladin was chosen by a fun sounding owner and will ultimately be heading to South Dakota, so he'll get to experience snow also!

Great friend Lesley Harrison was here after the show for a few days and then had a short visit with Sherry and Henry from Australia and Malen which I enjoyed.

Big news is that we today had Macanuo gelded. He is related to too many of my mares to justify leaving him a hormonal stallion not being bred often. All of the serious inquiries I have had would want a gelding so perhaps this will aid in his finding his perfect permanent home. He is such a dear personality with so many great conformational attributes that it was a tough decision. I think what tipped the scales was that now we have a few riding boarders, I can just imagine the fun Mac and Valente can have trailering and heading out on trail rides and schooling shows that just seem impossible with the stallions. So hoping to make a much better life for Mac, I took the veterinary step---my vet kept asking me if I was sure as he raves about how great Mac is! So a few weeks to heal and then under saddle he goes resulting in no-doubt a great riding horse.

The other big news is my new weanling colt from Ami MacHugh is heading my way this week. I haven't seen video, only a couple of snapshot photos and haven't met in person but I have no doubt I'll be in love before he even gets down the trailer's ramp. His name is Kairo and he is black, the son of Kianto and Alegria AK. His full siblings are awesome, including IALHA Nat'l champs, Klickitat and Doña. I have huge dreams of what he'll produce with some of my mares, including my Gitano daughters, Niza and Otamisia.

As if I needed anything else to look forward to, we are starting to watch Habana and Bielsa who should be foaling in the next couple of weeks.

Happy halloween to all and best wishes for your fall and beginning of winter to be mild and beautiful.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is this Texas or Africa?

Somehow, these poor horses survived July but August is unrelenting--last month I posted was one of the worst summers ever and now statistics prove it is THE worst summer since keeping records.

Thanks for all those who wrote with ideas about hay. If all those who have promised deliveries come through, I should have enough hay for the winter--some from Iowa, Mississippi and Florida. I have my little map showing all the states where my babies have found homes--perhaps I'll get another one showing where our hay is coming from....

Due to the cost of the hay that I normally can produce myself and so not in my budget, I sold this once-in-a-lifetime colt, Palisandro. Thanks to Karra for saving me from a nervous breakdown about how I was going to pay for hay and for the peace of mind of my knowing Palisandro couldn't be going to a better home. If there is a nicer colt anywhere, I'd like to see it---this guy has size, movement, color and most of all, temperament that is what I would make every time if I could control such a thing. I will cry many times over about this colt leaving but at the same time, can only be grateful that he and Karra came to my rescue when I needed to take care of all the horses here.

Welcome to Sarah and new boarder, Lamir, a lovely grey arab who settled in immediately and seems to be enjoying his herd and freedom outdoors. I am ultra picky about what people and horses I allow to join our horse paradise/my home and so far, Sarah and Lamir are pleasures.

Will see if enough sales between now and October to cover the expense for nationals---we are hoping to show Niza (Flama x Gitano 2 year old), Macanuo (Destinada x Gitano 3 year old) and Wanapum, assuming they aren't all so sunburnt and unready---even considering the horses or Valente to be working in this unspeakable heat is out of the question where we are usually working with the halter horses by this time of year. Will see how the next couple of months go.

I know so many places are having tough summers--droughts, heat, floods, dust storms--seems we all have something to overcome. I hope for all of you the pleasure of the horses outweigh what we all go through to have them as it does for me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dreaming of cold

I am trying to remind myself that it does really get below 100 degrees in Texas!

Like most of the country, we've had one of the worst summers on record. The heat is something one expects in Texas, but the grasshoppers (I've been told 30 grasshoppers eat as much in a day as one cow?) have wiped out our overly dry pastures and it is going to be dicey as to how I'll find and afford hay this winter. If you are in a state with hay and have any info as to semi's that transport, I'd love to hear from you. We put up square bales from our first cut but I'll need equivalent to 100 or more round bales so the quantity is daunting to get it to us from out-of-state. Help!

Thanks for all of you who wrote with great name suggestions. I've saved some of the names you wrote with for the fall babies and thanks to Karra, the last wonder colt is named Palisandro which I think is such a beautiful word. It means "rosewood" and suits as I keep thinking he looks almost black some places (probably will end up black/bay like Gitano) and reds and beautiful browns other places.

When last wrote in June, had finished up breeding--just too hot to contemplate having babies here much past early May. Our visitor, Galerna, confirmed in foal to Wanapum, Flama back in foal to Gitano and Boarder but feels like my Cachaca in foal to Urucum. Destinada didn't settle and we didn't attempt to breed Karina so late in the year so we'll catch them in the fall when we start breeding again.

My marketing came to a screeching halt as the thought of making any horse move if they don't have to on rock hard ground in this heat is more than I can stand. Everyone faded, itchy and our time in the morning and evening pretty much spent on squirting off sweat and salt and filling waterers. Weaned Picasso, Prisca, Perfeita and Padma but then felt too hot to start weaning the other 5 boys--will get to that eventually to and then maybe get some video of the other boys still for sale.

As usual, loveliest people ever came into my life--thanks Kay and Bill for choosing the one-of-a kind Oaxaca. Another dream home. The pasture will feel like it has a big hole without this friendly girl that was always present and attentive but she'll have a great life in Iowa.

Lets all hope August flies by as July did and send any extra rain or hay you have my way, please!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Last spring foal arrival

Help me name this gem of a colt! He may hang around to be another breeding stallion and for some reason, I just have struggled and no name I come up with suits this sparkling personality and sounds important and unique. Please send me ideas!

This is our last for the spring out of Karina and by Ami MacHugh's amazing Kianto. Can't see in the grass but has 3 white socks which would be different for us to have markings in one of our boys. Who wouldn't like Kianto--big and black and talented, but mostly, I wanted one of his sons (Wanapum is his half-brother) because of Kianto's personality and willingness and it looks like this colt is going to have an exceptional personality as well. Thanks, Ami, for allowing this to happen.

Speaking of Ami, a lovely mare that she bred and now belongs to a friend in Texas has come to stay with us for a bit. I'll be breeding her and enjoying her super colt that is at her side while they are here. Her name is Galerna and she is tall, big boned, quiet and it is a real honor to have her with us. I would love her baby to be a filly to add another bloodline on from Galerna's dam side to my program, but of course just hope for a healthy baby. In between anguishing over what to name the bay colt, I anguish over whether to breed Galerna to Gitano or Wan. Please vote in on that too!

A few more mares confirmed in foal and still breeding to get everyone settled. Already 100 degrees today here so our breeding season will quickly come to a halt until fall. Working on getting some of the babies ready to wean, had hay cut this week and just the usual stuff going on.

If you will not be offended if I don't end up using, I welcome a long list of names that start with a P. Help me!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My favorite season

well, I thought this photo so lovely but small, it doesn't look as cool as I thought? This is Paladin (Fantasia x Wanapum) today.

All is lovely here--not blistering hot, not windy and we have been blessed with a bunch of rain so my first hay crop ought to be nice. Have had good look in getting mares back in foal and breeding away as we wait for Karina for our last foal. So far:

fall: Bielsa x Wanapum

Habana x Wanapum and for spring, 2012:

Hipolita x Gitano Mor Karateka x Gitano

Isabelina x Wanapum

Dolly x Gitano

Gentileza x Gitano

Fantasia x Hereje

and we'll find out this weekend if Conesa back to Wanapum.

Been busy with my volunteering to try to handle the IALHA futurity program and my Registry Board work. Bob Langrish coming this weekend to photograph on Monday. Onemisio headed out last night for Pennsylvania--thanks, Gina, for wanting this special soul.

Hope to be posting soon my news about Karina's foal and until then, everyone have a great rest of spring.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Newest arrival: Providencio

Do I sound like a broken record or what as I ramble and rant on every time a new foal is born? But wow--am I crazy about Providencio, pictured here 3 days old. He is the 4th in a row of the Destinada x Gitano Cross that I feel is the home run for what I want to achieve as a breeder. So now just wait another month or so for our last spring, 2011 baby from Karina.

Special thanks to Lucie in Canada who did one of those love at first sight experiences and will be the permanent mom for Principe, to become another Canadian. My other good news this week is that Isa took in her breeding to Wanapum so that we are doing well with getting the girls back in foal for next year. Two of the outside mares that were here to breed were confirmed in foal and went back to their homes. Got fertilizer down right before a light rain but still praying for alot more rain for our hay and pastures but mostly for the poor folks suffering and having losses from the Texas fires. Next week my Atlanta sister coming for a few days to help with mom and give me a little break---possibly I'll catch up so I don't do things like I did today--took about an hour's worth of photos of the babies in the pasture only to realize I had no card in the camera.....sleep will come. Worth losing it to have a colt like Provi 2!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy days

If life could be better than having beautiful weather, things turning so green and new babies, I don't know if I could stand it. Pictured here (he is getting more than his share of posts!) is Principe enchanting a couple of young lady guests here this weekend. The horse lover in the blue shirt asked for a trip here from her home in Michigan as her birthday gift to get to be with animals. My kind of girl! Her cousin in pink is local and a regular visitor with her grandparents who board their horses with us. How else am I lucky? Well, besides having all healthy babies so far this spring, I have had buyers and some more folks being interested. Olivia (Bielsa x Gitano) leaves this week for Oregon. The following week Obriza (Destinada x Gitano) heads to Montana where Khan (Galisteo x Flama) already has his home. Picasso (Dehesa x Wanapum) will join Libertado, Nemo and Naxos here locally which is always a treat as I get to see how he will mature in person rather than through photographs. Dolly's total snuggle-bug daughter, Octavia (by Gitano) will be boarding here for a while longer, but ultimately will head to her forever home in Florida. But the long distance awards go to Padma (Ibiza x Gitano) and Odalisca (Karateka x Hereje) who will stay longer than is typical for foals, as they have a major journey to their new lives in Australia. Thank you to these wonderful buyers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So proud

For those of you that have been here, you may remember seeing the black plastic mess created for the frac tank for the gas well at the bottom of one of the mare pastures. The boys have worked so hard clearing and we finished our big fencing project to enclose the previous messy area to let the mares and babies, rather than us, do the mowing. The mares now stay down there, loving having a new spot to go to. Of course makes for farther to walk down to retrieve them! Flama graced us last night with a lovely solid bay colt. She is so consistent and I am grateful this one is a colt--I kept her last two fillies and looking at how pretty this colt is, I would have wanted to keep again if a girl so bravo, Flama, protect me from myself! Hada had a DARLING Wanapum colt. He has those big white rings around his eyes and a big blaze so alot of white that is irresistable to me. Sweet, sweet personality to go with. This morning, had a fun time. The Denton Convention Center has asked me for years to bring a tour group and I've always said no--I'm so busy in the spring but for some reason last fall I said okay. Could not have asked for a prettier weather morning and a group of just lovely people who I think were expecting a big show barn and some riding demonstration. Ride horses? Not us! Valente brought Gitano out and probably 40 of the 50 guests all raced up to him and stood hugging his neck, feeling his oily/beautiful coat, the texture of his wavy mane and tail and could not believe it when I told him last week he'd bred 5 mares and was this quiet. Then we brought out Isabelina and Principe, a couple of weeks old who again stood like statues with crowds of people, at least 20 of whom got to rub around on Principe's ringlet mane. Everyone wanted to crowd to the birth stall to see Flama's 8 hour old colt and of course neither the colt nor Flama was the least bit concerned for the sudden onslaught of people and instead, Flama just looked proud. I couldn't have been prouder and know my ambassadors left a great impression of the magic of iberian horses on all our visitors today.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anyone heading to or from Oregon?

Yippee! A natural horsemanship instructor has chosen Olivia (pictured above). Every time another horse hits the horsey lotto by having a gentle and understanding owner, I breath a sigh of relief. This gentleman will be driving down to pick Olivia up from Oregon and therefore, would be available to pick up horses heading this way from his area (northern California, Utah, Oregon, etc) or, would love to have a horse or horses to accompany Olivia for her trip from here in North Texas to Oregon. If you are shipping any horses probably end of April/more likely beginning of May, please let me know so I can hook you up.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Picture is Principe today at 3 weeks old. Boo hoo. I can't keep him--makes zero sense when I have Gitano, may keep Gitano's son, Macanuo, and this guy also related to all the Remate girls.... Tons going on. Thankfully, compared to last spring, way more horse inquiries. A lady/now friend from Florida is buying Dolly's Octavia and a big sigh of relief that this super-special soul will go to a great, great home and bonus that sounds like she will be staying here to grow up in big pasture with pals for a long time. Fantasia had the giantest ever colt last week by Wanapum. I know I've said before "this is the biggest one ever" but this one is off the charts. Quiet, gentle personality and just got back dna that he can produce color even though he'll be grey. Am not going to offer him for sale until I see if Karina has a colt or filly. Named him Paladin. Macanuo is revised as of last week and do not recall ever a revision experience where the spanish representative raved about one. He was better behaved than I even hoped at another farm where there were mares every direction--there was nowhere to face him that he wasn't looking at a pasture of mares. Hada is back! What a special horse she is and will always be welcomed here. I doubt she'll foal for another week or so but I'll be right there with her when she does. Her owner is going to wait and see what this Wanapum foal is like before deciding who to breed her back to for the 2012 foal. Dixie, Disney, Nobleza and Luna also visiting to breed and possibly two new boarders arrive this weekend. Horses everywhere--what is better? I can think of nothing. This year's babies seem so special and how fortunate I am to feel that way after so many years and so many babies. Padma is such an old soul and so sensible and I did not intend to get attached as I can't possibly keep another Ibiza daughter when I already kept two. But attached, impossibly, I am! Perfeita is just conformational perfection and you just have a time taking your eyes off of her. Picasso is unlike any we've ever had before from a looks perspective and Principe is the in-your-face personality like Oaxaca was from day one. Prisca has a great personality plus the "it" factor movement and drama that I love and now Paladin is statuesque beyond belief. Each so special, I can hardly stand it! Next week have a Denton Chamber of Commerce bus tour of barn group coming to educate themselves on andalusians. Have avoided doing this for years but figure opening my gate to introduce some folks to these horses and babies is the least I can do in thanks for having these horses to begin with.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Gorgeous, noble Dehesa is beyond compare. Her wonder-colt dna confirmed nongreying so is black and sold within a week of being born. Good friend and past buyer Diana had to have him but ix-nayed my chosen name Procopio. Since I held off sending in this guy's registration waiting on his dna to confirm his color, it wasn't too late to change his name and so far, Diana is leaning toward Picasso. Since this guy is a living work of art, sounds perfect to me.
For anyone who likes to spread misinformation about the market for sp's, I have 13 pre's or ANCCE eligible horses for sale and this makes 3 out of the last 4 sales to have been instead, my sp's. That buyers want quality horses rather than certificates assures me that these horses are being treasured for who they are.
Another mare arriving today to breed to Hereje and otherwise, we plod along with a fencing project and trying to get winter hair off all these horses that are shedding by the handsful. Hada should be coming back in the next week or so to foal out here and be rebred. I will always welcome this lovely and gentle friend and since I am a new foal addict, the opportunity to experience another new life.
Life is good.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Prince has arrived

I should probably wait until he is dry before I rant on like a mental patient, but I am beside myself with Isa's colt! Tried my non-editing skills to take out the white eye from the flash so his eye looks smaller in this photo at about 10 minutes old than it really is. I just felt that this colt was coming and would be special and he seems to be--so calm and big, strong and sturdy. His name is Principe. Not the most original name perhaps, but the only one that possibly suits him.

Principe is a very mahogany color and has the curliest tail and mane I think we've ever had. I won't sleep a wink tonight, I am so excited about him.

Since my last post, Dehesa also had a colt--waiting on dna to verify but we think he may be black? Number 19 for Dehesa---is there a better broodmare in the world? This fellow, Procopio, has a splendid personality and is so balanced and square. Looks like will have the topline of his daddy, Wanapum. It will be wonderful to watch this guy fill in and I predict turn more beautiful by the day.

5 babies for 2011 so far--all healthy and each so unique. Ibiza's filly, Padma, continues to seem to be telling us she wants to be a hunter---loving to canter or walk and jumping things for no reason at all. She is very friendly and very independent from her mom. Gentileza's filly, Perfeita is about as pretty as a baby gets and something so sane about the energy she exudes. Conesa's filly, Prisca, is superstar material. Tall, statuesque, dramatic and I'm betting will be a mover extraordinaire so should go to someone to train to her potential which I see as very high level dressage, but I'll whine about wanting to keep her. Prisca bred to Principe. OMG!

Fantasma should be next to foal later in the month.

A couple of Gitano's dates for the spring arrived last weekend so breeding time will begin any day now. Both of the mares are ones Gitano has bred before and it is always great to do repeat business as we are all used to one another. Also had a lovely human guest over the weekend visiting from Florida, who I enjoyed very much. Karina's prior owner is scheduled to come next weekend and I am grateful for the beautiful weather as well as all the lovely people that the horses bring into my life.

Heading back outside to not let Isa and Principe have any privacy. I can't keep my hands off of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Isa! These mares are never more beautiful than when they glow right after foaling. How proud they should be.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Filly mania

I can't believe how lucky I am! Conesa delivered this spectacular filly last night about 9:30. Prisca is her name and she is Wanapum's second filly. 12 of the last 13 being girls--sometimes you do get what you ask for---all my years of always wishing for girls.

Prisca is photographed here at about 15 hours old.
Isa should be next and hopefully soon! I am predicting hers will be a colt so will see if I am wrong in making such a prediction!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Loving February

February has been a very lucky and wonderful month (so far anyway??). Pictured here is the first P baby. Ibiza had another bay by Gitano--this one so different than last year's Naxos in that she is so feminine so needed a girly name and thus Padma. I'm a fan of Top Chef and it means "lotus flower". I think is a lovely name for a lovely filly. Looks like is going to be an athlete and charming.
Following last year's string of fillies, our second February foal is a girl: Perfeita out of Gentileza and by Gitano. Long, long legs and a gorgeous neck and head, "perfection", her name, seemed to suit. In some ways, she reminds me physically of what Gitano looked like as a baby but her head and neck are more Remate. So probably need to give it more than 12 hours of age to wait and see who she is going to most favor.
This week I also enjoyed a quickie visit from Gina from Pennsylvania who honored us by choosing the moving machine a/k/a Onemisio. Another great home and I'm excited and looking forward to the magical things Gina and Onemisio will do together--he'll be gelded and a dressage/exhibition-demo horse. Perfect for one with such movement and athleticism!
Recent sales also include my friends/boarders' horses that I am pleased found perfect homes. The chestnut luso filly will be here until fall when she'll head to Seattle, Washington and a lovely owner/FEI rider. Maizie, the big and gentle TB/draft cross went to Michigan and the azteca, Micaela, will be here in Texas near Mansfield. I will miss the riding girls to whom I've grown so attached but happy they'll be enjoyed and ridden.
As I have so many fewer producing mares than in the past, I am once again going to be doing some outside breedings, preferably to nonandalusian mares and via live cover. That and foaling the rest of the babies and getting the mares back in foal will keep us hopping this spring.
Weather is wacky. One day we are putting up heated water buckets and cable-tying wood over all the stall openings because it is in the teens and in a week, tearing it all down and putting fans back up. How these horses stay healthy is beyond comprehension and a testament to how hearty they are.
Mom and I have found more of a routine and doing well. Thanks to all who have asked about how mom is doing.