Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy days

If life could be better than having beautiful weather, things turning so green and new babies, I don't know if I could stand it. Pictured here (he is getting more than his share of posts!) is Principe enchanting a couple of young lady guests here this weekend. The horse lover in the blue shirt asked for a trip here from her home in Michigan as her birthday gift to get to be with animals. My kind of girl! Her cousin in pink is local and a regular visitor with her grandparents who board their horses with us. How else am I lucky? Well, besides having all healthy babies so far this spring, I have had buyers and some more folks being interested. Olivia (Bielsa x Gitano) leaves this week for Oregon. The following week Obriza (Destinada x Gitano) heads to Montana where Khan (Galisteo x Flama) already has his home. Picasso (Dehesa x Wanapum) will join Libertado, Nemo and Naxos here locally which is always a treat as I get to see how he will mature in person rather than through photographs. Dolly's total snuggle-bug daughter, Octavia (by Gitano) will be boarding here for a while longer, but ultimately will head to her forever home in Florida. But the long distance awards go to Padma (Ibiza x Gitano) and Odalisca (Karateka x Hereje) who will stay longer than is typical for foals, as they have a major journey to their new lives in Australia. Thank you to these wonderful buyers.

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