Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!  Thanks to Marsha for sending me uplifting info like the quote above.  I hope this is an incredibly great year for everyone.

Where, oh, where, did the fall go?   I wish I had appreciated more back in the days when I had two full time guys---now that it is just Valente and I, I have no time and feel I am losing contact with people that I think of all the time and should keep in better contact.  Thanks for putting up with me!

Gee.  What has happened since I posted in August?  Several babies went to their new homes, we showed Prisca and Kairo in October and I put up the art booth at the IALHA National Show.  It was sad to know that this was probably the last Ft. Worth show---so many years we have gone and gotten to annually see so many friends.  I will miss it and since we are not in a position to travel due to no help at home, it may be our last nationals after 21 years of showing. 

Had a great fun visit with Michelle from Virginia and now she and her husband are the proud owners of Nemo, Danzarina and Saragossa!  I couldn't find a better home with their gorgeous pastures and passion for horses so am very grateful they once again chose me to buy from.  Also, unending thanks to Hernan, who has now bought Querendona, Sarape and Soldado.   We look forward to having Querendona back this spring to breed to Kairo.   My wonderful boarders are keeping me afloat financially and it is such fun to have humans that are so delightful occasionally come to visit.   Naturally, I fall in love with all the horses that live here, whether they belong to me or now.  Especially fun is having Salvador and Quebracho back.  I so rarely get to see my former babies so having these two back in bigger body forms to stay with us for a while is heaven.

The sad news is that my beautiful and too special for words, Gita,  passed over the rainbow bridge last week.   Gita was born without eyes and many thought I was insane to not put her down at birth.  But for thirteen wonderful years, she managed without so much as a significant cut or injury and all those who met her immediately felt her soulfulness and what joy she exuded.   She slipped in the mud and tore her hind leg ligaments and tendons so that her femur dislocated and the only option in view of the seriousness of her injury and her situation was to euthanize her.   I feel so fortunate to have experienced this happy horse who taught us so much and was never a day's trouble.

My big, sweet mastiff, Yoshi, was also put to sleep.    She has been such a comfort all the years I have had her and I miss her terribly.   My way to try to heal was to immediately go and get another dog--but one that absolute opposite of giant Yoshi.   The new one is Jackie, an australian terrier.   My wonderful friends Terrye and Joel have an animal sanctuary and when I went down to get a dog,  they had 50+ mostly small dogs.   Jackie has had a different background and is settling in to our wacky lifestyle.  Of course I adore her.  

Myrtle, my great dane, is 12 to be 13 this summer so I am also getting a great dane youngster from these same friends in the spring when they bring up a mare for us to breed.    Vette, the new one, (named for Star Wars' character that is a bounty hunter by previous owners) looks like Myrtle's twin so I am counting the minutes until she arrives and becomes part of the canine family.   Am I the one who said I would like someday to get down to one little and one big dog?

Hereje looks impossibly good as he turns 23 but looks about 10 and still takes my breath away.  Gitano is happy to breed, doesn't care if he only gets ridden occasionally and stays the studmuffin that he has always been.  Kairo is maturing more beautifully than I could have hoped.  He is over 16.2, has a fabulous breeding/pregnancy record, and is starting out under saddle perhaps the easiest and fastest of any of the stallions we've started over the years.  His first two colts last year looked like his clones and we are very excited to welcome some more of his babies this spring.

The mares are fat and happy.   Destinada turned up not pregnant so we bred her (to Gitano) as well as our two visiting mares, Valencia (to Gitano) and Kisia (to Kairo) this fall for fall, 2015 babies.   It will be wonderful  to have 3 babies next fall but that sounds far away so I am focusing on the 7 coming this spring.   3 are sold in utero if turn out the right colors and sexes--I need one big black/bay colt, one dark filly and one bay or black of either sex for customers who are anxiously awaiting the babies' arrivals with me.   

My days seem to be full of horse chores so my endless emailing days seem to be over.   The art business is still fun for me as I can do at night when outside work is over.   We have our property listed for sale, but like all the other horse properties in the area, not alot of traffic so waiting for the perfect person who could come close to loving this place as I do.   I will stay as close to where I am as possible as I love Denton, need to be close to my brother and his family in Dallas, and want to be close to my long established vet, shavings and feed deliverers, etc.   Valente's son is the varsity football kicker (last year as a sophomore) and his wife works literally up the road from us, so trying to stay convenient for them and so his two kids don't have to change schools.  We'll see when the time comes.    I trust the perfect place will be available when I need it!

I wish I heard more from those of you with horses that originated here.  I just got some remarkable footage from Courtney who has Melegant doing amazing liberty tricks and jumping that I can't believe!   Karra has kept in touch and showed Khan in dressage and has Palisandro and Obriza training to show next year.  Lucie sends me the most wonderful slideshows and videos of Principe and Romeo and I wish I could write as beautifully as Sarah who keeps me updated on Romantica.    I won't ramble on about the rest of you I hear from but invite anyone else to send photos or update--I really do love hearing how the horses are doing.   

Thanks for looking at my posts and my best wishes for a terrific year.   Terri