Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anyone heading to or from Oregon?

Yippee! A natural horsemanship instructor has chosen Olivia (pictured above). Every time another horse hits the horsey lotto by having a gentle and understanding owner, I breath a sigh of relief. This gentleman will be driving down to pick Olivia up from Oregon and therefore, would be available to pick up horses heading this way from his area (northern California, Utah, Oregon, etc) or, would love to have a horse or horses to accompany Olivia for her trip from here in North Texas to Oregon. If you are shipping any horses probably end of April/more likely beginning of May, please let me know so I can hook you up.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Picture is Principe today at 3 weeks old. Boo hoo. I can't keep him--makes zero sense when I have Gitano, may keep Gitano's son, Macanuo, and this guy also related to all the Remate girls.... Tons going on. Thankfully, compared to last spring, way more horse inquiries. A lady/now friend from Florida is buying Dolly's Octavia and a big sigh of relief that this super-special soul will go to a great, great home and bonus that sounds like she will be staying here to grow up in big pasture with pals for a long time. Fantasia had the giantest ever colt last week by Wanapum. I know I've said before "this is the biggest one ever" but this one is off the charts. Quiet, gentle personality and just got back dna that he can produce color even though he'll be grey. Am not going to offer him for sale until I see if Karina has a colt or filly. Named him Paladin. Macanuo is revised as of last week and do not recall ever a revision experience where the spanish representative raved about one. He was better behaved than I even hoped at another farm where there were mares every direction--there was nowhere to face him that he wasn't looking at a pasture of mares. Hada is back! What a special horse she is and will always be welcomed here. I doubt she'll foal for another week or so but I'll be right there with her when she does. Her owner is going to wait and see what this Wanapum foal is like before deciding who to breed her back to for the 2012 foal. Dixie, Disney, Nobleza and Luna also visiting to breed and possibly two new boarders arrive this weekend. Horses everywhere--what is better? I can think of nothing. This year's babies seem so special and how fortunate I am to feel that way after so many years and so many babies. Padma is such an old soul and so sensible and I did not intend to get attached as I can't possibly keep another Ibiza daughter when I already kept two. But attached, impossibly, I am! Perfeita is just conformational perfection and you just have a time taking your eyes off of her. Picasso is unlike any we've ever had before from a looks perspective and Principe is the in-your-face personality like Oaxaca was from day one. Prisca has a great personality plus the "it" factor movement and drama that I love and now Paladin is statuesque beyond belief. Each so special, I can hardly stand it! Next week have a Denton Chamber of Commerce bus tour of barn group coming to educate themselves on andalusians. Have avoided doing this for years but figure opening my gate to introduce some folks to these horses and babies is the least I can do in thanks for having these horses to begin with.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Gorgeous, noble Dehesa is beyond compare. Her wonder-colt dna confirmed nongreying so is black and sold within a week of being born. Good friend and past buyer Diana had to have him but ix-nayed my chosen name Procopio. Since I held off sending in this guy's registration waiting on his dna to confirm his color, it wasn't too late to change his name and so far, Diana is leaning toward Picasso. Since this guy is a living work of art, sounds perfect to me.
For anyone who likes to spread misinformation about the market for sp's, I have 13 pre's or ANCCE eligible horses for sale and this makes 3 out of the last 4 sales to have been instead, my sp's. That buyers want quality horses rather than certificates assures me that these horses are being treasured for who they are.
Another mare arriving today to breed to Hereje and otherwise, we plod along with a fencing project and trying to get winter hair off all these horses that are shedding by the handsful. Hada should be coming back in the next week or so to foal out here and be rebred. I will always welcome this lovely and gentle friend and since I am a new foal addict, the opportunity to experience another new life.
Life is good.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Prince has arrived

I should probably wait until he is dry before I rant on like a mental patient, but I am beside myself with Isa's colt! Tried my non-editing skills to take out the white eye from the flash so his eye looks smaller in this photo at about 10 minutes old than it really is. I just felt that this colt was coming and would be special and he seems to be--so calm and big, strong and sturdy. His name is Principe. Not the most original name perhaps, but the only one that possibly suits him.

Principe is a very mahogany color and has the curliest tail and mane I think we've ever had. I won't sleep a wink tonight, I am so excited about him.

Since my last post, Dehesa also had a colt--waiting on dna to verify but we think he may be black? Number 19 for Dehesa---is there a better broodmare in the world? This fellow, Procopio, has a splendid personality and is so balanced and square. Looks like will have the topline of his daddy, Wanapum. It will be wonderful to watch this guy fill in and I predict turn more beautiful by the day.

5 babies for 2011 so far--all healthy and each so unique. Ibiza's filly, Padma, continues to seem to be telling us she wants to be a hunter---loving to canter or walk and jumping things for no reason at all. She is very friendly and very independent from her mom. Gentileza's filly, Perfeita is about as pretty as a baby gets and something so sane about the energy she exudes. Conesa's filly, Prisca, is superstar material. Tall, statuesque, dramatic and I'm betting will be a mover extraordinaire so should go to someone to train to her potential which I see as very high level dressage, but I'll whine about wanting to keep her. Prisca bred to Principe. OMG!

Fantasma should be next to foal later in the month.

A couple of Gitano's dates for the spring arrived last weekend so breeding time will begin any day now. Both of the mares are ones Gitano has bred before and it is always great to do repeat business as we are all used to one another. Also had a lovely human guest over the weekend visiting from Florida, who I enjoyed very much. Karina's prior owner is scheduled to come next weekend and I am grateful for the beautiful weather as well as all the lovely people that the horses bring into my life.

Heading back outside to not let Isa and Principe have any privacy. I can't keep my hands off of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Isa! These mares are never more beautiful than when they glow right after foaling. How proud they should be.