Friday, June 3, 2011

Last spring foal arrival

Help me name this gem of a colt! He may hang around to be another breeding stallion and for some reason, I just have struggled and no name I come up with suits this sparkling personality and sounds important and unique. Please send me ideas!

This is our last for the spring out of Karina and by Ami MacHugh's amazing Kianto. Can't see in the grass but has 3 white socks which would be different for us to have markings in one of our boys. Who wouldn't like Kianto--big and black and talented, but mostly, I wanted one of his sons (Wanapum is his half-brother) because of Kianto's personality and willingness and it looks like this colt is going to have an exceptional personality as well. Thanks, Ami, for allowing this to happen.

Speaking of Ami, a lovely mare that she bred and now belongs to a friend in Texas has come to stay with us for a bit. I'll be breeding her and enjoying her super colt that is at her side while they are here. Her name is Galerna and she is tall, big boned, quiet and it is a real honor to have her with us. I would love her baby to be a filly to add another bloodline on from Galerna's dam side to my program, but of course just hope for a healthy baby. In between anguishing over what to name the bay colt, I anguish over whether to breed Galerna to Gitano or Wan. Please vote in on that too!

A few more mares confirmed in foal and still breeding to get everyone settled. Already 100 degrees today here so our breeding season will quickly come to a halt until fall. Working on getting some of the babies ready to wean, had hay cut this week and just the usual stuff going on.

If you will not be offended if I don't end up using, I welcome a long list of names that start with a P. Help me!


  1. He is magnificent! and certainly deserves a magnificent name! Here are a few ideas:

    Prospero - from Shakespeare's tempest

    Pyro / Pyrrho - fire

    PRAEFULGURO/PRAELUCEO = latin verb for "shine" "outshine"

    (I think PRAELUCEO is my favourite, cause he certainly outshines all the rest! =)


  2. or perhaps because his papa was named after a Poet...a nod in that direction would be better...such as:

    Persius - a Roman poet (who family raised horses)

    Pindaros/Pindarus - a Greek Lyric Poet

    Petrarch - an Italian Poet

    Propertius - a Latin Elegiac poet


  3. He's lovely! Randy suggested Proximo which means next.

  4. I would suggest: Petrucchio who tamed Katherine in Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew"
    Pinache - French, but there's nothing like a little Pinache...
    Paradiso, Primero, or Primo if the little guy fills your eye with "fabulous"
    Patron - the Spanish pronunciation, of course
    Picasso - if he is a masterpiece

    I am new to your breed, having raised and owned
    the third American Bred recognized Holsteiner stallion. Your webpages are beautiful!!