Saturday, February 26, 2011

Filly mania

I can't believe how lucky I am! Conesa delivered this spectacular filly last night about 9:30. Prisca is her name and she is Wanapum's second filly. 12 of the last 13 being girls--sometimes you do get what you ask for---all my years of always wishing for girls.

Prisca is photographed here at about 15 hours old.
Isa should be next and hopefully soon! I am predicting hers will be a colt so will see if I am wrong in making such a prediction!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Loving February

February has been a very lucky and wonderful month (so far anyway??). Pictured here is the first P baby. Ibiza had another bay by Gitano--this one so different than last year's Naxos in that she is so feminine so needed a girly name and thus Padma. I'm a fan of Top Chef and it means "lotus flower". I think is a lovely name for a lovely filly. Looks like is going to be an athlete and charming.
Following last year's string of fillies, our second February foal is a girl: Perfeita out of Gentileza and by Gitano. Long, long legs and a gorgeous neck and head, "perfection", her name, seemed to suit. In some ways, she reminds me physically of what Gitano looked like as a baby but her head and neck are more Remate. So probably need to give it more than 12 hours of age to wait and see who she is going to most favor.
This week I also enjoyed a quickie visit from Gina from Pennsylvania who honored us by choosing the moving machine a/k/a Onemisio. Another great home and I'm excited and looking forward to the magical things Gina and Onemisio will do together--he'll be gelded and a dressage/exhibition-demo horse. Perfect for one with such movement and athleticism!
Recent sales also include my friends/boarders' horses that I am pleased found perfect homes. The chestnut luso filly will be here until fall when she'll head to Seattle, Washington and a lovely owner/FEI rider. Maizie, the big and gentle TB/draft cross went to Michigan and the azteca, Micaela, will be here in Texas near Mansfield. I will miss the riding girls to whom I've grown so attached but happy they'll be enjoyed and ridden.
As I have so many fewer producing mares than in the past, I am once again going to be doing some outside breedings, preferably to nonandalusian mares and via live cover. That and foaling the rest of the babies and getting the mares back in foal will keep us hopping this spring.
Weather is wacky. One day we are putting up heated water buckets and cable-tying wood over all the stall openings because it is in the teens and in a week, tearing it all down and putting fans back up. How these horses stay healthy is beyond comprehension and a testament to how hearty they are.
Mom and I have found more of a routine and doing well. Thanks to all who have asked about how mom is doing.