Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is this Texas or Africa?

Somehow, these poor horses survived July but August is unrelenting--last month I posted was one of the worst summers ever and now statistics prove it is THE worst summer since keeping records.

Thanks for all those who wrote with ideas about hay. If all those who have promised deliveries come through, I should have enough hay for the winter--some from Iowa, Mississippi and Florida. I have my little map showing all the states where my babies have found homes--perhaps I'll get another one showing where our hay is coming from....

Due to the cost of the hay that I normally can produce myself and so not in my budget, I sold this once-in-a-lifetime colt, Palisandro. Thanks to Karra for saving me from a nervous breakdown about how I was going to pay for hay and for the peace of mind of my knowing Palisandro couldn't be going to a better home. If there is a nicer colt anywhere, I'd like to see it---this guy has size, movement, color and most of all, temperament that is what I would make every time if I could control such a thing. I will cry many times over about this colt leaving but at the same time, can only be grateful that he and Karra came to my rescue when I needed to take care of all the horses here.

Welcome to Sarah and new boarder, Lamir, a lovely grey arab who settled in immediately and seems to be enjoying his herd and freedom outdoors. I am ultra picky about what people and horses I allow to join our horse paradise/my home and so far, Sarah and Lamir are pleasures.

Will see if enough sales between now and October to cover the expense for nationals---we are hoping to show Niza (Flama x Gitano 2 year old), Macanuo (Destinada x Gitano 3 year old) and Wanapum, assuming they aren't all so sunburnt and unready---even considering the horses or Valente to be working in this unspeakable heat is out of the question where we are usually working with the halter horses by this time of year. Will see how the next couple of months go.

I know so many places are having tough summers--droughts, heat, floods, dust storms--seems we all have something to overcome. I hope for all of you the pleasure of the horses outweigh what we all go through to have them as it does for me.

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