Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy thanksgiving

Meet Onemisio! Photo courtesy of Skip Dickson who was visiting with Fantasma's owner. Laurie and Skip were thrilled that Habana foaled the first night they arrived in Texas (well--not thrilled from 1:30 a.m. to 3:30 when we were outside but for witnessing the event!). These photos at about 12 hours old--friendliest possible colt---bold, inquisitive and absolutely charming, not to mention beautiful. You can see in the one, Onemisio is hanging out with Laurie and I and the dogs, caring not at all about where his mom was!
Wanapum is outdoing himself in the producing department and no question I'll be breeding Habana back to Wan for many more, hopefully exactly like this little guy.

A lovely visit with Skip and Laurie and reminder how many lovely people the horses have brought into my life and the deep friendships formed with foundation of the love of these horses.

These friends gave me the unbelievably generous gift of a tiny pocket sized camera so I will be bombarding everyone with even more photos than ever---as if anyone needs MORE.

Both of my sisters will be coming in next week from California and Georgia so a more exciting thanksgiving than we've had in years.
The weather has been stunningly beautiful which has made it that much easier to be out and about with the incoming horses. I am totally smitten by Macanuo who is back with us and so eager to please and do things that I don't know how we'll ever keep him entertained until he is old enough to start under saddle, assuming he doesn't sell by then. I am so pleased with his temperament, size, bone and movement, that if we have him here long enough to start riding, I will for sure breed him some in the spring.

Naxos went to his new home after recovering from being gelded and as expected, his owner is elated at his lovely temperament and how quiet he is to join her herd, now including 3 geldings from here. Oceanica leaves next week for Kentucky and will make for a great holiday season for her owner.

The next foal will be the Karateka x Hereje baby ---her first so I will be extra-anxious even though this breed is so consistent in having effortless foaling. The last O name and then on to the P's, starting with Ibiza maybe the end of January.

Even in these gross economic times, all of us have so much to be thankful for. Myself--way too many things to list. Happy holidays.