Monday, June 17, 2013

Breeding season over! Yahoooooooo

Lucky Sarah who purchased Romantica, pictured here on the left last week.  She is another giant filly from the pairing of Gentileza x Gitano.                                                                
Although I love having the babies, the making of them gets old, especially when our Texas heat is upon us.   (I'm sure the stallions don't agree).   Poor Valente makes a zillion trips to our too-busy-to-come-here vet and the poor mares and babies in a trailer gets us anxious to finish the whole process by the first of June.  Besides, it is simply too hot for later babies to be born in the oppressive heat.
As usual, we were super fortunate to have had a successful breeding season with every outside mare that chose one of my boys having been confirmed in foal and all of mine except new Scarlet (more about her later) and possibly Conesa.   In the fall, Ibiza is the lone foaler, with her foal already sold.   In the spring, we'll have 7 or 8 coming, with 3 purebreds by Kairo, all of which could be black and one of which for sure black, and 4 purebreds by Gitano.   Then Sirena (more later) is bred to Gitano and could have a champagne, bay or black three-quarter andalusian, if she is still here.
Too long a story to bore everyone with, but two IALHA registered half-andalusians have joined us, brought here with the promise of either keeping them or finding them perfect homes.   Information about both is on my sale page of my website.   Scarlet is a pretty and sweet, timid but loving bay mare that has a trot that is jaw-dropping.    We didn't see her signs of heat and now too hot to breed her.  If she is still here in the fall, we'll be breeding her to Gitano or Kairo to keep color.
Sirena de Oro is a bold champagne pony-type that we are told has been ridden by youths and shown in english pleasure and hunt seat a few years back, but the last few years, not ridden frequently.  She has had one bay colt (an Hereje grandson) by a grey stallion and is an amber champagne.   We did not make alot of effort as did not take her to the vet, but she teased, I inseminated her with Gitano's semen and lo and behold she took so she'll be having a spring, 2014 foal that could be the colors referenced above.  So if she hangs around that long, will be super fun to see what she throws.
So now the time of year we try to stay indoors as much as possible and keep up with the mowing and fly-spraying and bathing sweaty horses.    They all manage the heat without complaint, unlike moi!  Wishing you all great summers with hay aplenty and temperatures enough to enjoy your horses.