Saturday, April 23, 2011

Newest arrival: Providencio

Do I sound like a broken record or what as I ramble and rant on every time a new foal is born? But wow--am I crazy about Providencio, pictured here 3 days old. He is the 4th in a row of the Destinada x Gitano Cross that I feel is the home run for what I want to achieve as a breeder. So now just wait another month or so for our last spring, 2011 baby from Karina.

Special thanks to Lucie in Canada who did one of those love at first sight experiences and will be the permanent mom for Principe, to become another Canadian. My other good news this week is that Isa took in her breeding to Wanapum so that we are doing well with getting the girls back in foal for next year. Two of the outside mares that were here to breed were confirmed in foal and went back to their homes. Got fertilizer down right before a light rain but still praying for alot more rain for our hay and pastures but mostly for the poor folks suffering and having losses from the Texas fires. Next week my Atlanta sister coming for a few days to help with mom and give me a little break---possibly I'll catch up so I don't do things like I did today--took about an hour's worth of photos of the babies in the pasture only to realize I had no card in the camera.....sleep will come. Worth losing it to have a colt like Provi 2!

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