Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy holidays!

Santa made an early appearance here and of course, he chose Gitano to ride! Nothing much new and exciting. How the horses manage the huge temperature swings is beyond me, but they handle it all beautifully. I had my first night away from home in years to attend my nephew's college graduation and the place survived without me. Have bred a couple of outside mares but my mares aren't cycling (no surprise with the weirdo weather) so we may have the fewest fall crop of babies in many years but all figure that is how it is meant to be. Have some friends promising visits in the next 6 weeks or so and I am looking forward to that. My website added a new section for boarding--I need the money and would enjoy having more of the "right" kind of horse owners around so am opening up that as an option.

Wishing each of you a lovely week and that your holiday will be peaceful and with those you love the most, including your horses!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great news

The vet here today to sonogram some mares. Strangely enough, with our ever changing and bizarre weather, the mares are having ever changing and bizarre cycles.
The good news is that Dolly is pregnant--bred back to Gitano.
The even more momentous news is that we cannot hear Nebridius' heart murmur any more!!!! I knew there was a chance the heart flap that appeared to be open at birth would close on its own, but he was so limp and weak at birth that I didn't get my hopes up. The vet said today that he thinks that worry is over. Talk about Christmas wishes being granted! Nebridius still has some catching up to do compared to the other babies and has the illformed ears but I care not about cosmetic issues if he can have a healthy life. I could never justify keeping geldings around who couldn't contribute to the breeding program so perhaps this guy is meant to be my riding horse down the line????
Congrats to the Martinez family who are buying Nastia (Isabelina x Hereje TG) who is pictured relaxing in the pasture and thank you.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crazy Texas Weather

What a surprise to wake up to snow this morning--just 4 days ago was outside playing croquet over the holiday with my family in teeshirts!

A better than usual Thanksgiving as Conesa delivered an extra tall, extra heavy boned, extra sweet filly on Thanksgiving morning. Nacar is her name and I couldn't be more tickled with her substance and this personality, so far, that you cannot help but love. Wanapum just outdid himself with these first two babies--this one so big and impressive and my darling Nebridius who despite his health issues, is conformationally as perfect as you can get. I look forward to many, many babies by Wanapum in the future decades.

Although I am not enamored with the sound of my voice or lame comments, after numerous comments, I am putting some narration on some updated youtube video's---apparently some folks felt like my old style videos (pre-youtube days) were more personal than the ones I've been doing. For any of you who subscribed to my videos, there is very little new footage---I am just adding babies to the end of mare videos to get ready for spring baby season. If it ever stops raining (and now snowing!), I need current videos on lots of them.

Pictured here is Nimbus, Corona's Gitano colt that is getting prettier by the day.