Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This another one of Charles Hilton's lovely photos of Wanapum.  Big gulp as I think about and write this but next week, Wanapum will be heading to Michigan for a year of training and hopefully exposure to a number of dressage shows with good friend Julie Van Zee.  Julie has done a fabulous job with Chulo--I could never have sold that big, black gentle giant to anyone else.    So now I entrust her with our  ultra talented Wan.   I can't imagine how much we will miss him being here but what an opportunity to get him exposed to a much more vibrant world than our quiet one here!

Julie is driving down this weekend and will be bringing with her Mistera, Chulo's full sister, who will be heading in a few weeks to her forever home in Northern California with now friend and multi-times customer, Deb.  Deb writes about how close she and Bielsa are--another magical home.

Also coming with Julie is Letizia, a Gitano daughter.  4 years ago, Julie was here picking up Urucum, the chestnut lusitano stallion,  and while in our neck of the woods, brought her Fariseo daughter, Hermosa down and we bred her to Gitano.  I have to see Letizia first but she'll probably be added to my sale page as soon as I can get photos and video.

Speaking of photos and video, the goal is while Julie is here to get videos and some more photos of some of the lusitanos that are on my website, so check back if a lusitano is a possibility in your wish-list, please.

My darling friend, Robyn (in Dallas) took in a near starving and heavy pregnant young dog that is charming and lovely beyond description.  Last week, she had TEN puppies that are the cutest things ever.  I went down to see them and ended up staying six hours as impossible to not hold each one as long as they will let me.   If anyone able to adopt a pup in about 8 weeks, please let me know.  They are living in a lovely sunroom, around other dogs and being handled tons so will be lovebugs by the time ready to go to homes.  Please help!

On the subject of babies, Fantasia had a super-lovely, feminine and tall filly by Hereje.  This baby was sold in utero (thanks, Debora!) and her owner chose the name Sylvanna.   Since Fantasia is going to her forever home this spring, I didn't see the need for the owner to stick with my alphabetical naming since Q is a pretty difficult letter.   Sylvie is a charmer and what a beautiful time to be warm with fall having finally arrived in Texas.   What joy to be able to spend hours outside watching Sylvie race around.

Karina is due soon and Destinada in November.   Then for 2013, will start with R names so send any ideas you have.  

Last but not least is my news that Kidron H, a 6 year old gelding, is back with us.   The son of Remate and Epica H, this tall and soulful big boy has only been here 9 days and I am already impossibly in love with his gentle and deep personality.    We'll let him get settled in this new environment and then hopefully get him started under saddle.  

Happy fall!