Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wonder girls

For all of you who have kept me and  Flama in your prayers and thoughts, I am ELATED to report that not only did Flama recover beautifully from her uterine torsion surgery, but she carried her foal to 324 days and had an uncomplicated delivery of this simply lovely filly, Quiela.

After 5 weeks of being couped up in a stall post surgery, Flama has been so patient and as always, is a great mom.  Quiela and Flama are pictured here on Quiela's first morning.   I didn't know I could love Flama any more than I already did, but experiencing the nobility and strength that she handled this whole ordeal, I admire her more than I can even express.   This filly has beaten the odds and besides being a sister to Niza and Otamisia so that we know she will be gorgeous, undoubtedly, Quiela will be special in many other ways, too.

As any of you that know me can imagine, this period of change in my life is stressful and selling any of my horses that I had hoped to keep forever will be excruciating.  I hope all can understand that it makes it even more difficult to have people, all well-intentioned, writing to ask the whys.    I  need the income sales will produce and fewer horses so that when the time is such that I will be looking to move to a small place.  Therefore, please, no more offers of trades that are my initial responses to the new sales information on my website.  

Ibiza should be foaling next and soon.   Talk about a noble mature mare.    Her last two by Gitano were bays and her daughters, Isabelina and Hipolita both had bays by Gitano but for some reason, I feel like this one will be grey.  Is always fun to see if my "feelings/instincts" are correct or way off.   Either grey or bay, I bet I will love him/her!

(Quiela at about 9 hours of age:  grey)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where did March go?

I was honored to have photographer Charles Hilton visit and take photos of some of the horses. This one of Gitano is my favorite of what Mr. Hilton has posted on facebook so far---we closed the end barn doors and it is hard to believe the result in bringing Gitano to the front light resulted in this that looks like it had to be photoshopped but wasn't! If you go to my facebook page, you can see some of the others that Charles has been kind enough to post and flag with my name.

Quimbara (Karateka x Gitano) and Quantico (Isabelina x Wanapum) are growing like crazy and the end of March, Conesa had a Prisca clone named Quintina. She may have a face prettier than Prisca's with a bigger eye, and the same miles of legs and movement that doesn't seem possible. Gentileza again outdid herself with a giant colt that has a Gitano pretty face with the big eye and who also looks like will be an exceptional mover. His name is Quebracho--thanks to Michele for coming up with that big, bold name that seems like this big boy required. And thanks to all of you who sent some Q choices for my name list.

In addition to the joy of the new arrivals, we had some challenges. It is never a good thing when the water well goes out and that enormous expense was nowhere in my already doomed budget. Poor Dolly had some type of birth complications and her colt died and we had to sedate her to pull as she stopped pushing mid-labor. Two days after that loss, Flama had a uterine torsion so we dashed across town to surgery and thankfully, the amazing Dr. Williams at Lone Star Park vet hospital was able to untwist and put her uterus and 10 month old baby back where they belong. We are sweating out how long Flama can carry and if the foal will be okay when born. How a big midline incision can hold up with the weight of this baby, I'll never know. Flama is bagging up and it isn't looking good to go to term but she has done beautifully since her surgery and adapted well to being stuck in the stall and only hand walked.

One of my friends keeps her mare here and we experienced the unfortunate situation of the mare having twins. After many hours of no sleep, pitching in of many friends, the colt was too weak to survive but the tiny premie twin filly is thriving and the star of the whole property. How that big of a personality fits into her tiny body, we cannot imagine. Her name is Milagra as her making it truly is a miracle. Perhaps next post I can include a photo of her minature self that is so darling, we can hardly stand it.

I am mourning the loss of one of my favorite people, Judy Fuller of Carver Mountain Farms in Arizona who passed in March. Judy was full of life and how she had such passion for her horses. Way back in my "B" years, Judy bought Bonica, and we were instant friends and she later bought Maja and Centello also. We were usually roommates at hotels where we traveled to the IALHA Board meetings back in the day we were active. We shared the aisle at a number of nationals and I visited Judy at her home in Arizona. Each memory reminds me of nothing but laughter and joy. A huge loss to the horse world and to the world.

Speaking of wonderful friends that came into my life through the horses, my unending thanks to Melinda and Tim who are again building a horse paradise and who have purchased Karina and Karateka. To see these gorgeous mares off this summer will be heartbreaking but I will bear it knowing they are going to the best home an animal could have. Also, huge thanks to Deb who bought Petra---Deb has bought or bred to mine so many times I have lost count. What a gift to have a great relationship with repeat buyers and mostly, knowing the horses going to places they will be treated so beautifully.

Ibiza and Flama will be the next two to foal. Will keep everyone posted. Happy spring, happy Easter and may we all have many more weeks of temperate climates and may summer be delayed!