Sunday, March 13, 2011


Gorgeous, noble Dehesa is beyond compare. Her wonder-colt dna confirmed nongreying so is black and sold within a week of being born. Good friend and past buyer Diana had to have him but ix-nayed my chosen name Procopio. Since I held off sending in this guy's registration waiting on his dna to confirm his color, it wasn't too late to change his name and so far, Diana is leaning toward Picasso. Since this guy is a living work of art, sounds perfect to me.
For anyone who likes to spread misinformation about the market for sp's, I have 13 pre's or ANCCE eligible horses for sale and this makes 3 out of the last 4 sales to have been instead, my sp's. That buyers want quality horses rather than certificates assures me that these horses are being treasured for who they are.
Another mare arriving today to breed to Hereje and otherwise, we plod along with a fencing project and trying to get winter hair off all these horses that are shedding by the handsful. Hada should be coming back in the next week or so to foal out here and be rebred. I will always welcome this lovely and gentle friend and since I am a new foal addict, the opportunity to experience another new life.
Life is good.

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