Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dreaming of cold

I am trying to remind myself that it does really get below 100 degrees in Texas!

Like most of the country, we've had one of the worst summers on record. The heat is something one expects in Texas, but the grasshoppers (I've been told 30 grasshoppers eat as much in a day as one cow?) have wiped out our overly dry pastures and it is going to be dicey as to how I'll find and afford hay this winter. If you are in a state with hay and have any info as to semi's that transport, I'd love to hear from you. We put up square bales from our first cut but I'll need equivalent to 100 or more round bales so the quantity is daunting to get it to us from out-of-state. Help!

Thanks for all of you who wrote with great name suggestions. I've saved some of the names you wrote with for the fall babies and thanks to Karra, the last wonder colt is named Palisandro which I think is such a beautiful word. It means "rosewood" and suits as I keep thinking he looks almost black some places (probably will end up black/bay like Gitano) and reds and beautiful browns other places.

When last wrote in June, had finished up breeding--just too hot to contemplate having babies here much past early May. Our visitor, Galerna, confirmed in foal to Wanapum, Flama back in foal to Gitano and Boarder but feels like my Cachaca in foal to Urucum. Destinada didn't settle and we didn't attempt to breed Karina so late in the year so we'll catch them in the fall when we start breeding again.

My marketing came to a screeching halt as the thought of making any horse move if they don't have to on rock hard ground in this heat is more than I can stand. Everyone faded, itchy and our time in the morning and evening pretty much spent on squirting off sweat and salt and filling waterers. Weaned Picasso, Prisca, Perfeita and Padma but then felt too hot to start weaning the other 5 boys--will get to that eventually to and then maybe get some video of the other boys still for sale.

As usual, loveliest people ever came into my life--thanks Kay and Bill for choosing the one-of-a kind Oaxaca. Another dream home. The pasture will feel like it has a big hole without this friendly girl that was always present and attentive but she'll have a great life in Iowa.

Lets all hope August flies by as July did and send any extra rain or hay you have my way, please!