Monday, October 25, 2010


At two weeks old, Octavia looks like a small sized finished horse. Super cute but I guess I say that about all the babies. Dolly much more relaxed about this, her third foal. Gotta love her babies and these halves!
National show was the most I've enjoyed one in quite some time. People were relaxed and the classes seemed calmer and the horses presented in a lovely way. It would always be nicer to have more horses at any show, but the quality was good and for the first time in many years, the judging by the American judges was totally consistent with the Spanish judge, who I felt was excellent and one of the most qualified we'd ever had. The Extravaganza was organized without long delays between the acts which were as good as we've ever had. The addition of the working equitation class added lots of fun and got the people watching involved. The Mexican judge was patient with our first time participants in this class which I predict (or at least hope) will grow by leaps and bounds now that people have seen what is involved.
The show was also extra fun because I had friends here to share it with and who I put to work shamelessly asking for some of the grossest tasks like stall decorating. It is great to see friends made over the years that I only see at the national show and each year I am surprised by a horse I welcomed into the world that pops up--this year Joyante (now owned by Francine Dismukes) was a special surprise--I believe Joyante was Dadivoso's last son and a rare purebred with four white socks. Joyante did great as Francine's horses always do in multiple classes with both his owner and amateur riders. Centello wasn't shown this year at our show, but won a bunch of High Point awards. Although I certainly don't emphasize that horses that are born here go to show homes, it is fun to see some doing well if happy being shown.
Wanapum managed to get through the show without breeding anyone or leaping out of the arena into the stands so I felt that was a major victory. Having so little exposure to other horses being ridden (only once ridden in an arena with another horse in it prior to the show), he did better than I expected but was wound up and not exactly relaxed and through in his functionality pattern. But for a first time ridden in such an environment, I was very pleased. The next day the Spanish judge placed him first in the conformation portion of the 4, 5 and 6 year old pre stallion class so that he was Top 5 in a class of many lovely horses. In the stall or walking around, Wan got a ton of attention--I don't remember that many people making over a horse since Gitano's rock star years where he had groupies at his stall.
Fantasia was top 5 in the pre senior mares but didn't show well, in my biased opinion. She had gotten kicked or bonked her front leg and was off with her movement which is where she shines. Grateful to have a ribbon in a very pretty class.
I am still enjoying my friends' lusitano horses who arrived in September and now three more horses have joined our herd. "Big Mac"/Macanuo (Gitano Mor x Destinada DD) is back and at 2-1/2 years old, even better than I predicted he'd be---tall, big boned, moves like a dream and great, kind mind. Since related to both Gitano's daughters and Remate lined mares, he cannot stay so no, I am not going to fall back in love with him but will enjoy him until he finds a perfect home. I think he is the quality I look for in a stallion and will breed him if he stays long enough for some of the mares who are not related to him.
Kyra and Kabala are sp grey fillies that are special to me (as if every horse I meet isn't!) because I adored and enjoyed their sire, the big chestnut stallion, Urucum, who spent some time with us and who I fell with when I saw him shown as a two year old in Brazil. Knowing and being so taken with Uri's sire, Quatrilho, it is special to have two of that line here. Kyra is the daughter of Hermosura H (Remate x Hermosa D) who I sold a few years back---Hermosa D being my first ever andalusian makes that filly all the more emotional. But both for sale--no more adding horses when my goal has to be reduction unless a money tree starts growing around here.
My family is still very concerned about my dad's health complications but otherwise, all is good here. I am looking forward to fall colors, cooler weather and Habana's baby by Wanapum, the next to arrive. Best wishes to you for a colorful and peaceful fall.