Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So proud

For those of you that have been here, you may remember seeing the black plastic mess created for the frac tank for the gas well at the bottom of one of the mare pastures. The boys have worked so hard clearing and we finished our big fencing project to enclose the previous messy area to let the mares and babies, rather than us, do the mowing. The mares now stay down there, loving having a new spot to go to. Of course makes for farther to walk down to retrieve them! Flama graced us last night with a lovely solid bay colt. She is so consistent and I am grateful this one is a colt--I kept her last two fillies and looking at how pretty this colt is, I would have wanted to keep again if a girl so bravo, Flama, protect me from myself! Hada had a DARLING Wanapum colt. He has those big white rings around his eyes and a big blaze so alot of white that is irresistable to me. Sweet, sweet personality to go with. This morning, had a fun time. The Denton Convention Center has asked me for years to bring a tour group and I've always said no--I'm so busy in the spring but for some reason last fall I said okay. Could not have asked for a prettier weather morning and a group of just lovely people who I think were expecting a big show barn and some riding demonstration. Ride horses? Not us! Valente brought Gitano out and probably 40 of the 50 guests all raced up to him and stood hugging his neck, feeling his oily/beautiful coat, the texture of his wavy mane and tail and could not believe it when I told him last week he'd bred 5 mares and was this quiet. Then we brought out Isabelina and Principe, a couple of weeks old who again stood like statues with crowds of people, at least 20 of whom got to rub around on Principe's ringlet mane. Everyone wanted to crowd to the birth stall to see Flama's 8 hour old colt and of course neither the colt nor Flama was the least bit concerned for the sudden onslaught of people and instead, Flama just looked proud. I couldn't have been prouder and know my ambassadors left a great impression of the magic of iberian horses on all our visitors today.

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