Friday, May 13, 2011

My favorite season

well, I thought this photo so lovely but small, it doesn't look as cool as I thought? This is Paladin (Fantasia x Wanapum) today.

All is lovely here--not blistering hot, not windy and we have been blessed with a bunch of rain so my first hay crop ought to be nice. Have had good look in getting mares back in foal and breeding away as we wait for Karina for our last foal. So far:

fall: Bielsa x Wanapum

Habana x Wanapum and for spring, 2012:

Hipolita x Gitano Mor Karateka x Gitano

Isabelina x Wanapum

Dolly x Gitano

Gentileza x Gitano

Fantasia x Hereje

and we'll find out this weekend if Conesa back to Wanapum.

Been busy with my volunteering to try to handle the IALHA futurity program and my Registry Board work. Bob Langrish coming this weekend to photograph on Monday. Onemisio headed out last night for Pennsylvania--thanks, Gina, for wanting this special soul.

Hope to be posting soon my news about Karina's foal and until then, everyone have a great rest of spring.