Sunday, December 16, 2012

When there is such tragedy and horror in the world, how fortunate are those of us who have such beauty in our lives as when have animals?   

When our wonderful Rafael left to go home to his family for Christmas, I took over all his tasks and of course, that meant freak horse illness, weather in the teens, etc. but I must say, the day to day work that I have been so spoiled to leave to my two guys has been great therapy for me---I've cleaned more stalls in the last ten days than in the last ten years.   Why is this so much more acceptable than cleaning my house, I ask?

Besides enjoying the horses, I have enjoyed my new business venture and sending out xmas gifts ordered by customers of that undoubtedly will be enjoyed by the recipients.  How I have resulted in another business that revolves around beauty and animals is a wonder to me!

Several of the outside mares headed home, bred and I am delighted that Ibiza and Flama are back in foal to Gitano.    We wait for time to check to see if Isa also settled. 

Desti's daughter, Quiana (by Wanapum) is nothing short of a sensation.   If only I could get around to video to capture movement that we all dream of producing.   

I wish I was thoughtful enough to send each person that I care so much about a personal note and Christmas card, but I seem to not even make time to post here each month.    I hope that 2013 is a peaceful, healthy and tranquil and prosperous year for everyone.    Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years------------------------------

Thursday, November 1, 2012


This is a photograph of Lesley Harrison's fabulous "Mane Attraction", a depiction of Indiano, Conesa's sire.   As many of you know, I have been a long time admirer of Lesley's work and as of November 1, I am now handling the prints and gifts line depicting her art.     I have MUCH work to do to get the website fully stocked, order new products and just figure the whole business out.   I am excited and hopeful that my new business, HK Prints & Gifts,  will be a success!

I'll probably bombard everyone with information but for now, should you be considering christmas gifts, the current website has alot of information at   Please let me know if any questions and check back as we will be adding more images and items.   Many products need to be ordered in mass, but for most any image on the website, I should be able to order giclee prints on canvas or paper or have them digitally printed, which is less expensive.   We may get low on the supply of Lesley's marvelous 2013 calendars so if you are interested in those, order or contact me soon.

Last week, I made a trip to Lesley's studio in Sutter Creek, California.  What a gorgeous place to visit and charming town.   I had fun even though we were working 12 hour days in anticipation of the trailer arriving to pack up and ship the inventory down to me in Texas.  Those of you who know me well can imagine how difficult it was for me being away from the farm but all went well and I am glad to be back home.

Since I wrote in October has been extra  busy.   Julie and Ron came and we had a magical visit.   Letizia and Mistera came along for a couple of week stay and then headed to their new home in northern California.  Thanks, Deb!  Julie headed back to Michigan with the lusitanos, Alegre and Izzy, and my big news is that Julie also took Wanapum.    Wan will be with Julie for much more exposure than he receives here on our quiet farm, and hopefully to be able to go to a number of dressage shows before they head back next October for IALHA nationals.   Therefore, Wanapum is not available for breeding this year but we'll be happy to book for 2014!

Also in October, Quimbara headed to Colorado and Kristin advises that she was, as predicted, a calm and sensible filly from the moment she arrived at her new home. Thanks to repeat customer Becky who had Bienito shipped to his forever home in Michigan.   Dolly and Querendona headed to southern Texas and several of our boarders moved into their owners' new properties.   October was, in short, coggins month around here!

Tomorrow, Quillotro heads to his home in Oklahoma.   We are enjoying two mares visiting that came to breed:  A big black tb/any cross and a beautiful-tempered andalusian mare.   More visitors should be coming and Gitano seems pleased to have a busy fall schedule.   A new boarder pony should be here too!

Karina delivered an outgoing and bold bay filly, Brianna, so congrats to Melinda and Tim on her arrival.   Destinada should foal in the next ten days or so.   This week, we bred Isabelina and Flama back to Gitano so fingers crossed some of these fall breedings result in great foals.

Our best wishes and thoughts to those in the east devastated by Sandy....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This another one of Charles Hilton's lovely photos of Wanapum.  Big gulp as I think about and write this but next week, Wanapum will be heading to Michigan for a year of training and hopefully exposure to a number of dressage shows with good friend Julie Van Zee.  Julie has done a fabulous job with Chulo--I could never have sold that big, black gentle giant to anyone else.    So now I entrust her with our  ultra talented Wan.   I can't imagine how much we will miss him being here but what an opportunity to get him exposed to a much more vibrant world than our quiet one here!

Julie is driving down this weekend and will be bringing with her Mistera, Chulo's full sister, who will be heading in a few weeks to her forever home in Northern California with now friend and multi-times customer, Deb.  Deb writes about how close she and Bielsa are--another magical home.

Also coming with Julie is Letizia, a Gitano daughter.  4 years ago, Julie was here picking up Urucum, the chestnut lusitano stallion,  and while in our neck of the woods, brought her Fariseo daughter, Hermosa down and we bred her to Gitano.  I have to see Letizia first but she'll probably be added to my sale page as soon as I can get photos and video.

Speaking of photos and video, the goal is while Julie is here to get videos and some more photos of some of the lusitanos that are on my website, so check back if a lusitano is a possibility in your wish-list, please.

My darling friend, Robyn (in Dallas) took in a near starving and heavy pregnant young dog that is charming and lovely beyond description.  Last week, she had TEN puppies that are the cutest things ever.  I went down to see them and ended up staying six hours as impossible to not hold each one as long as they will let me.   If anyone able to adopt a pup in about 8 weeks, please let me know.  They are living in a lovely sunroom, around other dogs and being handled tons so will be lovebugs by the time ready to go to homes.  Please help!

On the subject of babies, Fantasia had a super-lovely, feminine and tall filly by Hereje.  This baby was sold in utero (thanks, Debora!) and her owner chose the name Sylvanna.   Since Fantasia is going to her forever home this spring, I didn't see the need for the owner to stick with my alphabetical naming since Q is a pretty difficult letter.   Sylvie is a charmer and what a beautiful time to be warm with fall having finally arrived in Texas.   What joy to be able to spend hours outside watching Sylvie race around.

Karina is due soon and Destinada in November.   Then for 2013, will start with R names so send any ideas you have.  

Last but not least is my news that Kidron H, a 6 year old gelding, is back with us.   The son of Remate and Epica H, this tall and soulful big boy has only been here 9 days and I am already impossibly in love with his gentle and deep personality.    We'll let him get settled in this new environment and then hopefully get him started under saddle.  

Happy fall!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


September 11 still brings on such feelings of sadness....but how lovely this photo is and I am reminded of the fabulous Budweiser commercial with the clydesdales paying their respects.   

On a happier note, we have been blessed with some cooler temperatures and even some rain and seeing green outside is such a mood elevator.   I brought home 3 sick looking scrawny kittens from my horse vet and they are getting fat and make me laugh every day.

Congratulations to Heather who is buying two of the lusitano mares, Corasao and Dancerinia.   The ladies are staying here a few months until we see who Cora will be bred to which, of course, is great with me because as soon as I get to know a horse visiting here, I never want them to leave.

We are not showing this year at IALHA nationals-- life has been too complicated to get horses ready and mostly finances.    But best wishes to those who are showing for a safe and enjoyable show.

Just a few more weeks and Fancy will be foaling---this foal's owner and I are already counting the days way before Fancy's body tells me she is on countdown.    The spring babies are all weaned and the first ones to leave us will be heading to their new homes in the first weeks of October, too.  Never a dull moment around here and of course, I would not have it any other way!

Happy coming fall to you all.  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

August has been wonderful

May I introduce you to Zeladora, a pure lusitano mare who stands 14.2 but moves like a GINORMOUS horse!   Zela was born here 9 years ago but has spent the rest of her life with her owner, Robert, with whom I own this property. 

Since I had the great luck in selling as many horses as I had hoped to sell this spring and summer, I am now hoping to find great homes for a number of Robert's lusitanos and hope to have the list on my web sale page soon.

Being the control freak that I am, I have to have horses that I attempt to place here so I can try to accurately describe their personalities and get my own photos and videos.   So far, Alegre, a leggy and incredibly sweet stallion is here and is going to the perfect home in Michigan.  Then Izzy, the most charismatic and darling gelding is going to a beautiful rider in Canada.   At the moment, I have Zela and 3 other mares that may be heading to great homes as well.

In the fall, if they are cycling, I'll be bringing up some of Robert's luso broodmares who have been open the last few years.   I would love to add a luso filly to my herd as my buying days are long over and I've always wanted to add a luso since I've had pre's and sp's, it seems I need one.   I keep forgetting my goal is to reduce my numbers.

What a great August it has been.   We've had a couple of rains and it seems impossible that the pastures that looked dry, yellow and dead sprang back to life and green almost overnight.   We've weaned all but two babies and they are all doing beautifully.    And as is necessary to keep this place going, I am so thankful to have matched some more horses to perfect moms and dads.

The folks who came to pick up Valeria headed out with both Valeria and Habana in the trailer.   Thanks to Annah and Andrea here in Texas!   Quebracho will go to New Mexico with my friend, Laurie, who is undoubtedly one of the most doting horse owners of all times and loves her horses with a passion that is beautiful to witness.   Quillotro will be heading to a two-time buyer in Oklahoma who has long wanted a Wanapum offspring.

I really can't believe how fortunate I am---at this point, I have zero of my own horses for sale  with one filly sale pending and already sold 3 in utero of next year's bunch.   Selling in utero is such a gift to me as then, I can't be tempted and lament not being able to keep each baby. 

My website indicates that we are wanting outside breedings this year (which I have largely avoided in the past).    Hopefully, breeding income will help make up for the big reduction in the number of babies I'll be having.   We are pleased to already have some breedings lined up for spring--if you are considering, let me know so I can get you on that stallion's list.

I hope each of your Augusts was wonderful, too and that fall is here before we know it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

July has brought heat and blessings!

This stunning creature is our 14 month old colt, Kairo.  Of course, noone would ever in their wildest dreams consider getting on or putting weight on one so young, but we like to get our youngsters used to the feel of a saddle and stirrups.  Kairo is SO BLACK and like Gitano, looks wet with the oily, rich coat.   On any given day, I still swear that greys are my favorites but only to look at the coats on these dark ones to swoon..... I know I am fickle but as of this moment, Kairo is my special friend and I can't spend enough time with him.   Oh, the babies he will have and from the looks of how he seems to love work and his movement without having even thought about using surcingle and sidereins and such is so overreaching and extended that I have equal excitement about  his show career ahead! 

July has been Texas' usual hot and dry so keeping us in your prayers and wishes for some rain would be appreciated---pastures slick as grass with dead grass and cracks getting wider by the hour.  But keep telling ourselves that this year isn't as bad as last at this time so grateful for that as well as for so many things in my life.

For example,  my past customers who come back to buy again-- one of the great honors ever.   Hector, owner of Niagara and Pippa will have quite a future breeding program by adding Ibiza x Gitano colt, Quico to his ever-growing herd.   Thanks to Querendona's owner who, in the fall, will be adopting Dolly too, when he comes to get his super bay Hipolita x Gitano filly.   My lovely friend, Lucie, is buying one in utero next year, and the way she describes the love and attention her Principe from last year is getting, I am beyond pleased she'll be making a home for another one.

I am equally grateful to new customers Michele, who is a super future dressage home for the remarkable Conesa x Wanapum filly, Quintina.   I had the pleasure of a couple day visit with Michele last winter and got to see photos and talk about her beautiful facility and her show experience and I am very humbled that Michele chose one of mine.  Lucky Quintina!   Also lucky is Bienito who sounds like will be going to a lovely lady in Michigan.

I am looking forward to next week's visit by the purchaser of Valeria and her agent with whom I  already  feel so attached, so far only by email, and the week after, the visit with my long time friend who tragically lost her beloved Fantasma and hopefully, will find the next love of her life while she is here.

For those of you who are wondering, the little twin, Milagra, is no longer a tiny filly and growing and has the personality that would fill up a huge clydesdale body.   She has made her owner and I laugh too many times to count.   Thanks for those of you who have asked about her well-being. 

My days are extra busy as I contemplate an additional but new business venture that would be starting on January 1, 2013 but extensive work to be ready between now and then.   I cannot leak a peep of this to anyone, but if this works out, it would be something I would love and not feel at all like work and related to animals--my deepest passion in life.   Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where does time go?

When lovely photographer Charles Hilton was here, he snapped this lovely photo of Quantico who decided to jump our little rock wall.   What lovely light on a lovely colt!

I don't know where May and June went---this one was of my most bizarre springs ever but I am tired of hearing myself complain about all our catastrophes and worries so I won't mention any more.   The good news is that our sick and hurt ones have outdone themselves in recovering, we've got most of the mares back in foal and finding time to handle the new ones that are so much fun.  We weaned the first two last night---they grow up so fast!

Since last wrote, Ibiza had a bay Gitano son who is not only a little charmer, but a mover too.   I love his face and he's just a little hunk so I named him Quico after a handsome soccer player in Spain.  Okay, I am too old for such nonsense but I like the sound of Kee-koh which fits this colt perfectly.  After Quico came Quillotro, a giant colt out of the outside mare who has been with us the last year and by Wanapum.   This guy will have height and bone and I love particulary his face and will make someone a wonderful riding horse.  Also had Bienito, who belongs to my friends/boarders, a chestnut lusitano colt with a star out of Cachaca and by chestnut luso stallion, Urucum. 

I must have an angel on my shoulder because in my dreams of finding great homes for a bunch of horses, I didn't really count on several miracles happening.   First, that Karina is going back to the wonderful home from which I bought her in the first place--talk about horses living in luxury with the best of everything!   And to top that off, these lovely friends also bought Karateka, with both K girls being in foal to Gitano.    To know they will be together and living on a farm almost the exact size as where they are here, with the best of care is a gift hard to put into words.   Fantasia is staying until next spring---thank you so much to Deborah who is purchasing Fantasia's fall, 2012 Hereje baby in utero.  So when that foal is weaned next spring, Fantasia will be returning to her original owner, Donna, so another wave of relief that she will be in a herd with her relatives and getting the best of care.   Another Deb who has bought some of mine and bred to my boys too many times to even keep count has made a home for both Petra and Bielsa.   Of the mares I've sold, therefore, Fancy, Karina and Karateka are still here and man, what a big gulp I took to see off my soulful Bielsa.  But knowing she is now getting more attention than she ever dreamed of here, I can only be thankful that Deb opened her heart and her property to this special mare.

Thanks to Regina who purchased the exceptional-in-every-way Quantico (Isa x Wanapum).   I can see that he will be the show and breeding stallion you hope for.  Repeat buyer Fernando is having Patricio (Gitano x Flama) join Muneco with his band of boys, and thanks to Cindy who snatched up Providencio (Gitano x Destinada) who undoubtedly will have more attention and love than a horse can imagine!  Congratulations out to Kristin who will be the forever mom to the amazingly great tempered Quimbara (Gitano x Karateka) and who is another dream animal lover.

Conesa is in foal for the first time ever to Gitano, Destinada in foal to Wanapum (due next fall), Gentileza, Hipolita and Habana back in foal to Gitano, Isa and Niza to Wan and my friend's Nala and Fantasia to Hereje.

Also thanks to those of you that chose one of my boys to breed your mares to--we were 100% successful on the ones we shipped semen to and hopefully, still waiting to hear on one, also on all the live covers that came to see us in Denton.

May all of you get plenty of rain, have grass growing and stacks of hay mounting for next winter,  no grasshoppers,  mild summers and a happy 4th of July.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wonder girls

For all of you who have kept me and  Flama in your prayers and thoughts, I am ELATED to report that not only did Flama recover beautifully from her uterine torsion surgery, but she carried her foal to 324 days and had an uncomplicated delivery of this simply lovely filly, Quiela.

After 5 weeks of being couped up in a stall post surgery, Flama has been so patient and as always, is a great mom.  Quiela and Flama are pictured here on Quiela's first morning.   I didn't know I could love Flama any more than I already did, but experiencing the nobility and strength that she handled this whole ordeal, I admire her more than I can even express.   This filly has beaten the odds and besides being a sister to Niza and Otamisia so that we know she will be gorgeous, undoubtedly, Quiela will be special in many other ways, too.

As any of you that know me can imagine, this period of change in my life is stressful and selling any of my horses that I had hoped to keep forever will be excruciating.  I hope all can understand that it makes it even more difficult to have people, all well-intentioned, writing to ask the whys.    I  need the income sales will produce and fewer horses so that when the time is such that I will be looking to move to a small place.  Therefore, please, no more offers of trades that are my initial responses to the new sales information on my website.  

Ibiza should be foaling next and soon.   Talk about a noble mature mare.    Her last two by Gitano were bays and her daughters, Isabelina and Hipolita both had bays by Gitano but for some reason, I feel like this one will be grey.  Is always fun to see if my "feelings/instincts" are correct or way off.   Either grey or bay, I bet I will love him/her!

(Quiela at about 9 hours of age:  grey)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where did March go?

I was honored to have photographer Charles Hilton visit and take photos of some of the horses. This one of Gitano is my favorite of what Mr. Hilton has posted on facebook so far---we closed the end barn doors and it is hard to believe the result in bringing Gitano to the front light resulted in this that looks like it had to be photoshopped but wasn't! If you go to my facebook page, you can see some of the others that Charles has been kind enough to post and flag with my name.

Quimbara (Karateka x Gitano) and Quantico (Isabelina x Wanapum) are growing like crazy and the end of March, Conesa had a Prisca clone named Quintina. She may have a face prettier than Prisca's with a bigger eye, and the same miles of legs and movement that doesn't seem possible. Gentileza again outdid herself with a giant colt that has a Gitano pretty face with the big eye and who also looks like will be an exceptional mover. His name is Quebracho--thanks to Michele for coming up with that big, bold name that seems like this big boy required. And thanks to all of you who sent some Q choices for my name list.

In addition to the joy of the new arrivals, we had some challenges. It is never a good thing when the water well goes out and that enormous expense was nowhere in my already doomed budget. Poor Dolly had some type of birth complications and her colt died and we had to sedate her to pull as she stopped pushing mid-labor. Two days after that loss, Flama had a uterine torsion so we dashed across town to surgery and thankfully, the amazing Dr. Williams at Lone Star Park vet hospital was able to untwist and put her uterus and 10 month old baby back where they belong. We are sweating out how long Flama can carry and if the foal will be okay when born. How a big midline incision can hold up with the weight of this baby, I'll never know. Flama is bagging up and it isn't looking good to go to term but she has done beautifully since her surgery and adapted well to being stuck in the stall and only hand walked.

One of my friends keeps her mare here and we experienced the unfortunate situation of the mare having twins. After many hours of no sleep, pitching in of many friends, the colt was too weak to survive but the tiny premie twin filly is thriving and the star of the whole property. How that big of a personality fits into her tiny body, we cannot imagine. Her name is Milagra as her making it truly is a miracle. Perhaps next post I can include a photo of her minature self that is so darling, we can hardly stand it.

I am mourning the loss of one of my favorite people, Judy Fuller of Carver Mountain Farms in Arizona who passed in March. Judy was full of life and how she had such passion for her horses. Way back in my "B" years, Judy bought Bonica, and we were instant friends and she later bought Maja and Centello also. We were usually roommates at hotels where we traveled to the IALHA Board meetings back in the day we were active. We shared the aisle at a number of nationals and I visited Judy at her home in Arizona. Each memory reminds me of nothing but laughter and joy. A huge loss to the horse world and to the world.

Speaking of wonderful friends that came into my life through the horses, my unending thanks to Melinda and Tim who are again building a horse paradise and who have purchased Karina and Karateka. To see these gorgeous mares off this summer will be heartbreaking but I will bear it knowing they are going to the best home an animal could have. Also, huge thanks to Deb who bought Petra---Deb has bought or bred to mine so many times I have lost count. What a gift to have a great relationship with repeat buyers and mostly, knowing the horses going to places they will be treated so beautifully.

Ibiza and Flama will be the next two to foal. Will keep everyone posted. Happy spring, happy Easter and may we all have many more weeks of temperate climates and may summer be delayed!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just for leap day/leap year

Quantico arrived this morning and I got some laughs--zen/calm mamma, Isa, was in no hurry to stand up after her daunting task of foaling this big colt. Even though the birth stall is rather spacious, Quantico decided best to go over mom than around her. Future eventer? Whatever his future, this colt is wondrous--mom's calm, with a hint of humor in his personality, long legs, nice bone and hopefully all that Wanapum is adding to his other offspring.

Being born on leap day, I considered naming Quantum but no, I just know his name is supposed to be Quantico.

Was fun to welome a colt after having 4 fillies in a row. Congrats and thanks to Hernan who bought Hipolita's foal in utero. Boy, talk about hitting the lotto! Hipolita's bay Gitano filly is spectacular. Leggy and looks like will be quite a special mover with lovely neck and head, very upright. A wow filly for sure. The owner chose the name Querendona which I think is lovely.

Next additions should be out of Dolly and Gentileza. Not getting flooded with Q name ideas so you all get to work!

Principe is on the van right now on his way to far into Canada and the Aussie girls leave tomorrow on their big adventure.

A gorgeous day so I am off to delight further in the newest male in my life. Special, special and what we look for in our men: funny!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February, 2012

How fast the last couple of months have gone! The last month complicated with moving mom into an assisted living facility and getting all the transition worked out. Hopefully, as time passes, the home will feel like home and she'll be safer and this move the best thing for her.

Paladin shipped to his forever home and thank you so much Susan for choosing our gentle giant. We are getting the international travelers ready for their journeys: Padma and Odalisca leaving in next two weeks to start quarantine to ship to Australia and Principe to go to Canada. It still boggles my mind how 20 years ago, I just wanted one andalusian and here I am, and with horses heading out all over the country and even to other countries----who would have ever figured?

This morning, our angel, Karateka, had a Gitano filly. Quimbara is her name and she will be tall, grey, big boned and she carries on the Estepa/Karateka/Marengo magic personality. This morning she laid in my lap and was breathing little foal breath like a baby snore. If there is anything better than the first few days of a new baby, I haven't discovered it yet!

Names starting with Q will be challenging this year so any name suggestions will be welcomed!

Thanks to Hector who bought Niagara in utero a few years back and now is buying Pippa to add to his breeding program. That I am honored by so many repeat customers is mind-blowing, too.

And special thanks to Melinda for the amazing and wonderful journey she and her horses and I have been on for many years. When Melinda took a temporary hiatus from horse business, I was fortunate enough to buy Karina. Now Melinda is back to having her own horses and place, and it is only fitting that she have Karina back. So this spring when the new barn is finished, Karina will be heading back to her other mom. To have had this mare over the years and experienced so many births has been a privilege---what a noble mare!

As I continue to figure out a plan to simplify and modify that is best for the horses and I, I am considering giving Dolly, the big belgian draft, away, only to a very special home. My mare page has info about Dolly and videos of her 3 babies so far. Dolly had a horrible start to her life and is NOT an easy mare and NOT for everyone. If someone did not have experience with horses, she would not be a good fit. However, I have enjoyed and had many laughs over her and been VERY happy with the babies she has had. I pretty much rescued her in 2005 so best guess is that she is about 11 years old. She does not have papers.

Dolly's first Gitano colt was Kobe, whose owner reports he is a love and a joy to be riding. Next, she had the gigantic Maghnus, one of the most outgoing colts ever, who looked like would finish over 17 hands. Last year, she had Gitano's Octavia, who is a pasture favorite and purchased by an excellent rider who sees her potential. Of course her foals by Gitano or Chulo have been registered as half-andalusians and eligible to show as such with the IALHA.

My plan is to wait until Dolly foals in March, I will keep and sell the foal. Then I will get Dolly back in foal so that when the March foal is ready to be weaned, she would be ready to go if a perfect new home popped up. If someone that has patience would take in this giant mare who does not want to be caught! We leave a loose neck band on to catch her. We keep her in a routine of coming to the gate to get fed, and then once in the gate, she lets us come up to her to turn her out after she eats. Once caught, her ground manners are fine, she loads and trailers and is easy to breed. She is happy living outside year round with all the other mares.

The foal she would be carrying when she would be ready to leave here in early summer could be the start of a half andalusian breeding program for the person willing to make Dolly a permanent part of their family. The baby would be the "reward" so-to-speak for adopting Dolly. If you know someone who may be like me in terms of getting the most pleasure in taking in horses that are a challenge, have them email me for more details. I honestly do love this mare after her 7 years of being with us. If she is meant to stay here forever, is okay with me and I'll know is what is meant to be if the perfect owner doesn't manifest. But in cutting back the number of producing mares I have, it seems as if she might be one that might be destined to go to a new home?

Hope you all had a happy valentine's day and enjoying the nationwide mild winter. Hipolita's and Isabelina's babies will be coming next. Will post then!