Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Prince has arrived

I should probably wait until he is dry before I rant on like a mental patient, but I am beside myself with Isa's colt! Tried my non-editing skills to take out the white eye from the flash so his eye looks smaller in this photo at about 10 minutes old than it really is. I just felt that this colt was coming and would be special and he seems to be--so calm and big, strong and sturdy. His name is Principe. Not the most original name perhaps, but the only one that possibly suits him.

Principe is a very mahogany color and has the curliest tail and mane I think we've ever had. I won't sleep a wink tonight, I am so excited about him.

Since my last post, Dehesa also had a colt--waiting on dna to verify but we think he may be black? Number 19 for Dehesa---is there a better broodmare in the world? This fellow, Procopio, has a splendid personality and is so balanced and square. Looks like will have the topline of his daddy, Wanapum. It will be wonderful to watch this guy fill in and I predict turn more beautiful by the day.

5 babies for 2011 so far--all healthy and each so unique. Ibiza's filly, Padma, continues to seem to be telling us she wants to be a hunter---loving to canter or walk and jumping things for no reason at all. She is very friendly and very independent from her mom. Gentileza's filly, Perfeita is about as pretty as a baby gets and something so sane about the energy she exudes. Conesa's filly, Prisca, is superstar material. Tall, statuesque, dramatic and I'm betting will be a mover extraordinaire so should go to someone to train to her potential which I see as very high level dressage, but I'll whine about wanting to keep her. Prisca bred to Principe. OMG!

Fantasma should be next to foal later in the month.

A couple of Gitano's dates for the spring arrived last weekend so breeding time will begin any day now. Both of the mares are ones Gitano has bred before and it is always great to do repeat business as we are all used to one another. Also had a lovely human guest over the weekend visiting from Florida, who I enjoyed very much. Karina's prior owner is scheduled to come next weekend and I am grateful for the beautiful weather as well as all the lovely people that the horses bring into my life.

Heading back outside to not let Isa and Principe have any privacy. I can't keep my hands off of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Isa! These mares are never more beautiful than when they glow right after foaling. How proud they should be.

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