Friday, May 15, 2015

All spring foals have arrived

What a wonderful spring we've had and as of this morning, all of the foals have been born.   Moms and foals all healthy and I am very grateful.

First, most grateful that Valente is doing great--back to full time work and working as hard as ever.  The winter without him almost did me in, but he is back to save the day when I needed him most with babies arriving and breeding.  He is just walking for the most part, but still fabulous to see him back in the saddle. 

First to foal was Flama-- a big relief after a couple of complicated pregnancies.   She had a black/bay filly named Tyche who has a first time to own andalusian owner locally.   Congratulations, Milly, on choosing this spunky, athletic and ever-curious lovely girl!

My friend, Donna, brought her two mares here to foal out and be rebred.   The next arrival was Fantasia's super tall grey filly by Gitano and after, Leia had a bay colt by Kairo. 

Otamisia was the next of mine to foal - she had a solid black filly named Tephra who will be going to Canada when she is old enough to travel.   Her forever mom was here for a week and helped me more than I could have ever known at Nationals and I know Ota, as well as Realengo, will have a wonderful life with Beverly.   Thank you for buying two of these special horses.

I sold Isa this winter when I needed to sell and fortunately, the nicest lady who is a great animal owner and Arabian and dog breeder came along to adopt my friend, my counselor and this beautiful mare.   The top photo is Isa with this spring's Tosca by Gitano.   I know that Isa meant for this to be her special gift to me and I will keep Tosca.  No animal can ever replace what Isa means to me, but Tosca is so special that I feel like it was a miracle to have her.  Isa will stay until fall when Tosca is weaned and leave rebred to Gitano.  Thanks, Victoria, for making a home for this enchanting mare and also for bringing your stunning black Arabian mare up to breed.  It was our pleasure having her here.

I was very excited to welcome Prisca's first foal and lo and behold she had a black filly by Kairo.  This is my first Wanapum grandbaby so I named this one Tamarinda, after Wanapum's grandparents.   She is very like Prisca in her conformation and hopefully will have her momma's movement too!

Niza had a black colt by Kairo who was sold in utero and my thanks to Jeorge for taking the plunge to commit ahead of time to a dark colt.   You lucked out as this is such a tall and statuesque colt.  His owner chose the name Travieso which I like very much.

Hipolita had her second grey (I think?) filly in a row by Gitano and Tiersa is the outgoing, in-your-pocket girl of the year.  She makes us laugh and everyone who has come is enthralled with her outgoing and fearless approach to life.   Feminine and sweet but seems to have a sense of humor about her.  What a delight!  Tiersa is for sale.

Last but not least, Gentileza had a grey filly who I named Traviata.   Two fillies this year so beautiful they needed to be named after operas!   Like Gentileza's other Gitano babies, Traviata is long legged and beautiful.  Traviata is for sale.

We had late foals this year and so in quite a rush to try to get as many as possible back in foal before we quit breeding in a few weeks.  Because of the heat and my June surgery, anybody that doesn't take in the next couple of weeks will be left open until fall.  Speaking of fall, have Destinada's (Gitano), Valencia's (Gitano) and Kisia's (Kairo) foals coming to enjoy when all the spring babies turn into teen agers and no longer want to play with me as much!

Another huge bonus this spring has been my growing friendship with professional photographer Kristi Johnson.   Kristi is as nice as she is talented and I am overwhelmed by the photos she has gotten and her generosity in allowing me to post them here (she took both of the photos I have on this post) and facebook and my website.   If I am not looking at horses outside, I pretty much want to be surrounded by art or photographs of them inside!

In short, life is wonderful.   We survived a nearby tornado, haven't washed away yet with all the rain, Valente's surgery and that scare and birthing season!   I have never felt more fortunate that I have so many things to be so be happy about and when I get my new knee next month, whoa----you'll have to get out of the way when I get going full speed again!  I hope all of you that read this have had a wonderful spring and have a wonderful summer ahead full of things to be happy about, too.