Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Picture is Principe today at 3 weeks old. Boo hoo. I can't keep him--makes zero sense when I have Gitano, may keep Gitano's son, Macanuo, and this guy also related to all the Remate girls.... Tons going on. Thankfully, compared to last spring, way more horse inquiries. A lady/now friend from Florida is buying Dolly's Octavia and a big sigh of relief that this super-special soul will go to a great, great home and bonus that sounds like she will be staying here to grow up in big pasture with pals for a long time. Fantasia had the giantest ever colt last week by Wanapum. I know I've said before "this is the biggest one ever" but this one is off the charts. Quiet, gentle personality and just got back dna that he can produce color even though he'll be grey. Am not going to offer him for sale until I see if Karina has a colt or filly. Named him Paladin. Macanuo is revised as of last week and do not recall ever a revision experience where the spanish representative raved about one. He was better behaved than I even hoped at another farm where there were mares every direction--there was nowhere to face him that he wasn't looking at a pasture of mares. Hada is back! What a special horse she is and will always be welcomed here. I doubt she'll foal for another week or so but I'll be right there with her when she does. Her owner is going to wait and see what this Wanapum foal is like before deciding who to breed her back to for the 2012 foal. Dixie, Disney, Nobleza and Luna also visiting to breed and possibly two new boarders arrive this weekend. Horses everywhere--what is better? I can think of nothing. This year's babies seem so special and how fortunate I am to feel that way after so many years and so many babies. Padma is such an old soul and so sensible and I did not intend to get attached as I can't possibly keep another Ibiza daughter when I already kept two. But attached, impossibly, I am! Perfeita is just conformational perfection and you just have a time taking your eyes off of her. Picasso is unlike any we've ever had before from a looks perspective and Principe is the in-your-face personality like Oaxaca was from day one. Prisca has a great personality plus the "it" factor movement and drama that I love and now Paladin is statuesque beyond belief. Each so special, I can hardly stand it! Next week have a Denton Chamber of Commerce bus tour of barn group coming to educate themselves on andalusians. Have avoided doing this for years but figure opening my gate to introduce some folks to these horses and babies is the least I can do in thanks for having these horses to begin with.

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