Saturday, March 2, 2013

March madness already

February was a month of great joy but also grieving.    Heaven is now an even more beautiful place as Remate is there.    Zeus and I miss our special friend but mostly, I feel fortunate for all the time I had with such a wondrous stallion.  
The good news is that with Rafael's departure and reducing to one full time worker, I have had a ball doing alot of the stall cleaning and feeding and have felt better than I have in a long time with the increased physical activity.    And bonded closer to several of the horses that I have shamefully not spent enough time with like Hereje who returns my special affection for him.
Quantico is ready to head to his home in Colorado any time now to make room for the new arrivals---the fewest since 1993!!!    The photo above is 2/28/13 Gitano/Hipolito son, Romeo at about 11 hours old.    One of my favorite people, Lucie, who bought Principe, chose this one before he was born and lo and behold, he came out just to order--a male and bay and the supersweet personality she prefers.  To know he'll be going to an A+++++ home makes his arrival all the more special.   About a month at least until Gentileza has her Gitano baby, undoubtedly another treasure like Perfeita and Quebracho and we anxiously await Niza's first foal who is by Wanapum.
Speaking of Wan, Julie reports that he is doing well and not at all bothered by the severe winter that northern Michigan has experienced.  Hopefully, Wanapum and Chulo will be heading to the first show of the northern season for Julie, the end of April.
Hoping that the spring brings all great things to all of you.  Stay tuned for more baby news!