Friday, June 20, 2014

Spring, 2014 breeding is finished

This little stud muffin photo'd above is Sarape, Kairo's second colt out of Niza.    Thanks to Hernan who is buying from us for the multipled time in taking the plunge to choose this one in utero.   If this colt ended up to be shown in dressage when he matures, I'd say he'd be getting 9's on his walk and trot.   Kairo has simply outdone himself on his first two colts this year.
Also thanks to Jenni who bought the giant, big boned and impressive Quiana (Wanapum x Destinada).   Everyone who meets this filly in person refuses to believe she is a mere 1-1/2 years old with the presence she has.
With the heat upon us, we are so pleased to be finished with our spring breeding season and a successful one at that, with all our mares that we bred in foal.  Next spring we'll be having 4 Gitano babies (Gentileza, Flama, Hipolita and Isabelina) and 4 Kairo babies (Niza, Otamisia, Prisca and Destinada).  The first black or bay filly is sold and the first black or bay colt is sold, but the others will be available for sale in utero.    If next year's crop is anything close to as nice as this year's group, I will feel happy for sure.   I may say this every year but Valente and I feel like all 6 this year are particularly spectacular.
I may have written previously but in case I didn't, in the fall we have the huge honor to be able to welcome a 16.2 bay mare back that we will breed in the fall if she is still cycling.    Valencia has an allstar pedigree that explains why she is an extravagant mover that has to be seen as my words are inadequate.  (see more information about her coming soon for her own mare page).   Val was here last year to breed to Gitano and I fell in love with her face and everything else about her and she had a very special Gitano filly.   So Val is coming here and if she'll be ready to breed in the fall, so that her foal won't be alone the following fall, we will probably go ahead and also breed Lisa, our solid black filly bred by Ami MacHugh.    Val will be back to Gitano and Lisa will be to Kairo. 
Now with breeding over, we spend our days playing with the babies and mowing and weedeating---praying for lots of rain so there is alot of mowing and weedeating to be done.   I hope anyone reading this has more exciting summer plans such as vacations and the like.  Wishing cool summer nights and lots of rain for all the drought areas!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Foaling is finished for 2014!

I don't know how the end of March, all of April and half of May have flown by....but an email from a long time friend reminded me that I haven't added photos or blog info in a long time so here I am!

What a wonderful foaling season we have had and the cutting way back on number of mares and number of babies is agreeing with us!   Above is Soldado (Gitano x Isabelina) who has personality plus and movement that is quite extravagant.  My theory is when the Remate daughters have bay foals by Gitano, they are more similar to Gitano than their moms.   But when the Remate daughters have greys, like Soldado, Saragossa, and Serpico, they end up with Remate's upright neck and hopefully, some of his movement.   Soldado is for sale and soon (hopefully) my website will be updated and a slideshow with lots more photos taken today at 28 days old will be on there.

I was very fortunate to have sold 3 in utero.   The result of the breeding of Otamisia x Kairo was a solid black colt that the buyer named Sonador.  He is all boy, round and beautiful.   The other Kairo baby was also a colt, out of Niza, and his buyer named him Sarape.   A photo of beautiful Sarape at 12 days old is below.

The last one that was presold was the Gitano/Destinada foal which turned out to be a huge filly that is of the same great quality as the other 3 of this cross, all of which are now under saddle.
Gentileza once again threw the giant of the year---the last two of her cross with Gitano look like will be at least 16.3 and Serpico, from this year, will be that, too.   He is friendly and everything that anyone could want.  I hope someone wanting a gelding for dressage will come along as he is a perfect candidate.  
Last but not least is Saragossa or "Sara" named for my niece who is feminine, upright and just a beauty.    Daughter of Gitano and Hipolita, she will be the only filly we'll have for sale this year.   She is grey----it is odd that we had 10 in a row dark ones from the Ibiza/Hipolita/Isa and Gitano breedings but this year, both Hipo and Isa had greys.   When they are this nice, I'll take them whatever color:
Tomorrow will be a sad day as Romantica and Romeo are leaving and heading to Ontario and Quebec, respectively.   Also going to her forever home,  Conesa's new owners are coming down and will be heading to Kansas on Sunday.    What a wonderful mare and the gifts she has given us year after year in her awesome moving babies.  She is in foal to Gitano and hopefully, the lovely new owners will get a foal of their dreams.
We've had several outside mares here to breed and working on getting our mares back in foal.   Otamisia, Niza, Prisca and Destinada will be bred to Kairo.  If his first two colts are any indication of the quality of what he is going to throw, it will be exciting to have more of his babies next year.  Flama, Gentileza, Isabelina and Hipolita will be bred back to Gitano.  When crosses work year after year, it is difficult to change--even if Kairo looks as if he is going to match Gitano in terms of awesome offspring.  Hopefully, we'll have a visiting huge bay mare come to breed to Gitano in the fall---she was here to breed last year and I fell in love with her so if the stars align correctly, she'll be coming back to spend some time with us.
We hope everyone has had a wonderful spring despite the odd weather across the continent.   Our fingers are crossed for a less than brutal summer with lots of rain and plentiful hay crops.   

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cadiz is growing and weaned!

You may have seen the post several months ago of Ibiza's colt, Cadiz.   Well, he is now weaned and has just blown me away with his wonderful personality.   Put in with all the older spring foals, and being the only fall foal, he fit into his little herd immediately and is so easy for anything we ask of him.

This photo is of his stupendously great foal blanket that his owner sent---it was a Christmas gift from her parents which is so special on so many levels.   And proof that Cadiz will live a luxurious and spoiled life--having only the best.   

I am still not sure if he is going to be a true black or a black/bay like his daddy.   We bred Ibiza back to Gitano and should know this week if she took.    Reproductively, she is so healthy and in heat, literally begged to be bred.    Poor mature mare that I debated about retiring, but when I think there may be another one like Cadiz for next year......well, you know me, I couldn't resist just one more.  

The best time of year!

After a winter of weirdo weather, some health issues and the bummer of Flama having aborted, I was tired of myself whining and ready to move into over-the-top joy mode.   So here it is!

Friday night, Otamisia had an easy delivery of her first foal who happens to be Kairo's first offspring/first colt!   I am beyond thrilled as the colt looks like mini-Kairo (at least for now) and is I can see in the flesh just exactly what I hoped the Gitano daughters would produce with Kairo.   Thank you Carlos for your leap of faith of buying this guy in utero--you were rewarded bigtime with this special, wonderful black colt.   I'm not sure if Carlos is picking his name or I am, but he is the first "S" baby and since I can't go without a name instantly, I've been calling him Samson for the moment.   Here he is photo'd at 48 hours old.
 Seems very calm, despite his first time mom still trying to figure all this out, no white markings and looks like Ota x Kairo will be forever paired!

An outside mare is here to breed to Kairo and so he was collected for the first time last week and just as we experienced with his live covers, he is a perfect gentleman, patient and easy breeder.   If a young stallion gets any better than this, I don't think I can stand it!   We also bred Sirena, the half-andalusian champagne to Kairo.  I'll be breeding several more of my own this year to Kairo but only a very few to my customers or special circumstances as he is so young that he doesn't need to be overbred!
If anyone has any great ideas for names beginning with "S", please send them along.   I have a list but never know if a name suits the babies.   Since I've sold another couple in utero, I don't have that many to name, but still, it adds to all the fun to have extra-special names ready.
Still on cloud nine from Ota's colt being born, and within twenty-four hours, Melinda Hallmark's filly pictured to the left arrived!   This is another of the great cross of Karina and Gitano.   Melinda named her Danzadora and of course I'm already stuck on calling her "Danza".   She is calm and friendly and Karina, being so experienced, the best possible mom.    The next two coming won't be mine---Melinda's next one, Karateka x Gitano should be by the end of March and Katy's Gracie x Gitano about the same time.  I can't wait---I enjoy them the same whether they are mine or not!
photo taken at 24 hours old of Danza

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Congratulations, Carol!

This little dreamboat is named Cadiz--- a special reason why I agreed in utero buyer, Carol, should not follow my usual alphabetical requirement that all babies of the same year have names starting with a certain letter.  What a dollbaby and I am so grateful to Ibiza, who perhaps should be retired at her age, but who seems to be clear that she is willing to continue her job as one of the great broodmares of all times!  Sired by Gitano, this fellow was born  last night, 10/9/13 at about 11:15 pm--Ibiza even thoughtful about not keeping me awake until the wee hours of the morning.  This colt will be a real gem.  Leggy, beautiful head and personality plus.  I think it would be impossible not to fall for him and of course, within less than 24 hours, I am in love!  Thanks, Carol, for taking the leap of faith and choosing Ibiza's baby in utero--you did well.  VERY well!
Thanks also to Carlos who has bred to mine and bought two from me in the past for purchasing Wanapum's bay son, Realengo.  Since Carlos has a grey Hereje son, he needs a black colt to have the grey, bay and black trio.   I am tickled that he is also buying one of Kairo's coming babies if we have a black colt.  Or when we have a black colt in the spring.
One of the real blessings that I've had is that my friend and one of our mentors, Molly (who trained Galisteo when he was started under saddle and given Valente riding lessons on Gitano, Chulo and Wanapum) is buying Kidron.   Having all competitive dressage swedish warmbloods, I could not believe it when she fell head over heels and wanted Kidron.  She needed him like a hole in the head but like we all do, Molly followed her heart, took him home to ride 6 days a week for about 6 weeks and finally concluded she could not part with him.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect home for this unbelievably soulful horse.
Next week is my first foray into the art booth business and I hope my friends at the IALHA national show will come by. I am so excited about several of our new products and Lesley's new andalusian images. Not showing horses, I will spend more time watching classes and in the arena than my last 20 years of going to Nationals.

Will start our fall breeding the first of November if the open mares are cycling and have a couple of outside breedings lined up.  No more babies due for a while so we can spoil Cadiz rotten.   Next will be Karina, if she hasn't headed to her home by February and following or near Karina will be Otamisia's and Kairo's first offspring.  So much to look forward to.   Happy fall to everyone---we are so delighted fall decided to finally show up in Texas.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Counting the seconds until August ends so we can see the possibility of fall weather.  The poor horses just manage our gross Texas heat somehow.

Please say prayers, send positive energy or cross your fingers that Kidron has found his permanent home.   My good friend Molly (who has given Valente all his riding lessons and trained our Galisteo for me) is a grand prix rider who heretofore has owned all kinds of horses, mostly imported Swedish Warmbloods, but never an andy.    Just as everyone who has met Kidron since he returned here, Molly simply fell in love with him and I couldn't have wished upon a star for a more perfect owner.

Speaking of friends, Julie and Wanapum headed to another dressage show this weekend and on first ride, fresh off the trailer, got a 68.5%!   Of course he seems to have a particular talent for scoring well on the classes she hasn't signed up as qualifiers and not nearly as well on the qualifiers.   Since I don't care about the scores and just want him to be his best, be fun for Julie, and get out in the world more than he ever would here, I am just delighted that Julie has ventured to the 3rd show in the last couple of months.

Lesley just finished a painting of an andalusian so I ordered prints and have been spending money like a crazy person to have some new products for the upcoming shows.   October is IALHA nationals and the problem is there are so many images and so many products depicting them, that I don't know how I can cram all into a 10 x 10 booth.    Then in November, heading to Belton, Texas and so excited to get to see a friesian/gypsy/drum show--talk about gorgeous horses.   Lesley has numerous paintings depicting those breeds and for them, too, I'll have wallets, kindle covers, iphone covers, compacts,  afghans, baby bids, short and long sleeved tees, new cards and more!  

I hope I'll see some of you at those shows, with or without horses.  Is always a wonderful time of year and a reunion of sorts with the friends I only get to see annually.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Is it fall yet?

Cleaning and came across this photo---how old do I feel when one of my childhood photos looks this aged?   Anyway, this is me with my beloved Apache.  Apache made up in heart what he might have been lacking in looks.    Over the years from when I got him around age 6, I gave up taking piano lessons, new clothes and all kinds of things when my parents would attempt to bribe me that if I gave up Apache, I could have this or that.  I made the right decisions!   I had him until I was 16 when we moved to Texas and I had to sell him......  one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life!  I have come a long way both in quantity and arguably, quality.
Just when we Texans cannot be more sick of summertime, August arrives and gets even hotter.  A good time to catch up on indoor chores, paperwork and all the things I only do if I can't tolerate being outside.  It has been a very slow season for horse sales-I've had some wonderful sounding prospective buyers, but somehow the perfect matches just aren't happening.   Hopefully, will pick up soon. 
Have been busy as Lesley's 2014 calendars are in and thankfully, lots of orders.   I didn't order as many this year as so expensive, so if anyone wants one, better order sooner than later as may run out this year (hope so!) .   I am planning to do a booth at the IALHA national show in October and Lesley is, as I write, painting a new andalusian so that I'll have several new andalusian images with some various products depicting it, for the show.   I only have a very few of each thing made, but will have some large kindle covers, some compacts, wallets and a few "new" products by October.   The next goal is to go to Belton, Texas the end of November for a gypsy vanner and friesian show as we have tons of images and products depicting those beautiful breeds.
Probably will have more interesting news when I next write but wishing all of you the best for the remainder of summer.