Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where does time go?

When lovely photographer Charles Hilton was here, he snapped this lovely photo of Quantico who decided to jump our little rock wall.   What lovely light on a lovely colt!

I don't know where May and June went---this one was of my most bizarre springs ever but I am tired of hearing myself complain about all our catastrophes and worries so I won't mention any more.   The good news is that our sick and hurt ones have outdone themselves in recovering, we've got most of the mares back in foal and finding time to handle the new ones that are so much fun.  We weaned the first two last night---they grow up so fast!

Since last wrote, Ibiza had a bay Gitano son who is not only a little charmer, but a mover too.   I love his face and he's just a little hunk so I named him Quico after a handsome soccer player in Spain.  Okay, I am too old for such nonsense but I like the sound of Kee-koh which fits this colt perfectly.  After Quico came Quillotro, a giant colt out of the outside mare who has been with us the last year and by Wanapum.   This guy will have height and bone and I love particulary his face and will make someone a wonderful riding horse.  Also had Bienito, who belongs to my friends/boarders, a chestnut lusitano colt with a star out of Cachaca and by chestnut luso stallion, Urucum. 

I must have an angel on my shoulder because in my dreams of finding great homes for a bunch of horses, I didn't really count on several miracles happening.   First, that Karina is going back to the wonderful home from which I bought her in the first place--talk about horses living in luxury with the best of everything!   And to top that off, these lovely friends also bought Karateka, with both K girls being in foal to Gitano.    To know they will be together and living on a farm almost the exact size as where they are here, with the best of care is a gift hard to put into words.   Fantasia is staying until next spring---thank you so much to Deborah who is purchasing Fantasia's fall, 2012 Hereje baby in utero.  So when that foal is weaned next spring, Fantasia will be returning to her original owner, Donna, so another wave of relief that she will be in a herd with her relatives and getting the best of care.   Another Deb who has bought some of mine and bred to my boys too many times to even keep count has made a home for both Petra and Bielsa.   Of the mares I've sold, therefore, Fancy, Karina and Karateka are still here and man, what a big gulp I took to see off my soulful Bielsa.  But knowing she is now getting more attention than she ever dreamed of here, I can only be thankful that Deb opened her heart and her property to this special mare.

Thanks to Regina who purchased the exceptional-in-every-way Quantico (Isa x Wanapum).   I can see that he will be the show and breeding stallion you hope for.  Repeat buyer Fernando is having Patricio (Gitano x Flama) join Muneco with his band of boys, and thanks to Cindy who snatched up Providencio (Gitano x Destinada) who undoubtedly will have more attention and love than a horse can imagine!  Congratulations out to Kristin who will be the forever mom to the amazingly great tempered Quimbara (Gitano x Karateka) and who is another dream animal lover.

Conesa is in foal for the first time ever to Gitano, Destinada in foal to Wanapum (due next fall), Gentileza, Hipolita and Habana back in foal to Gitano, Isa and Niza to Wan and my friend's Nala and Fantasia to Hereje.

Also thanks to those of you that chose one of my boys to breed your mares to--we were 100% successful on the ones we shipped semen to and hopefully, still waiting to hear on one, also on all the live covers that came to see us in Denton.

May all of you get plenty of rain, have grass growing and stacks of hay mounting for next winter,  no grasshoppers,  mild summers and a happy 4th of July.