Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interesting statistics

Well, at least interesting to me! I keep records of all kinds of things like number of days a mare foals each years and what sex offspring the stallions throw. As of this morning, here is what I have for ones born here or that I bred and heard the outcome of the pregnancy:

Pinturero: 13 fillies, 4 colts so 76.5% fillies
Remate: 30 fillies, 22 colts so 57.70% fillies
Gitano: 35 fillies, 29 colts so 54.69% fillies
Galisteo: 100% colts for the 3 babies here
Hereje: 21 fillies, 25 colts for 54.35% colts
Chulo and Wanapum: 50/50 colts and fillies

Has Spring Sprung?

We keep being teased that spring is here and then a random day of snow as last Saturday or this morning, way cooler than yesterday. But we are close! And the mares seem to know it.

Reported last entry that Fantasia had a long legged filly. Well, Nia as we have shortened her name, is one of the real lovebugs ever--so calm and it is a beautiful thing to watch how kind, gentle and patient Fantasia is as a mom.

The day after St. Pat's, Hada (Pinturero x Sweet Life Beliza who I sold last year) had a feisty and athletic colt. Literally came out and up with perfect balance, able to rear and buck within minutes of birth and cute as can be. His owner is naming him Centenario and they will be here until we get Hada bred again. Congratulations Carlos!

Last night, Fantasia's and Destinada's full sister, Galaxia who belongs to Donna Deyoung, had a giant and big boned Gitano colt here. Donna spent the night and Galaxia, a first time mom, is doing great and the colt has the loveliest profile and like his full cousin, Nia, is a sweetheart. The personalities that Gitano throws are just something to behold.

Congrats to Terrye who bought Gema and her Gitano colt last year. This year Gema had a Gitano filly. And a shout out to Karen in Oklahoma who bought Enebrina who had an Hereje colt--the last I heard the little speedster may be named Apollo after our US speed skater.

Other fun is that Lexie brought Luna H and Jiga H back to breed. It is more than wonderful to get to see our babies years later and growing up. Jiga is her mom over (Incauta) in personality and conformation with daddy (Hereje)'s head and will be bred to Wanapum. Luna is built more like momma (Enebrina) but really wow movement like dad (Remate) and will be bred to Gitano. Lexie's Esplendida (a full sister to Chulo) had a black filly this spring so Lexie is well on her way to becoming a babymaking and baby having machine!

Other great news is that Ibiza is confirmed back in foal to Gitano. Her Gitano colt this year is just what you hope to produce--size, hair, personality, color--the whole package and everyone who sees him, wants him though I sold him at just a few days of age. So having another one from this aging mare is such a gift.

Also bred Dehesa to Wanapum, Gentileza to Gitano, Nicole to Chulo, Conesa back to Wanapum for hopefully a carbon copy of Nacar and Isabelina back for 3rd year in a row to Hereje. Her first two, Mariska and Nastia are so different from one another but each wonderful so will keep making those although temptation is to try Gitano one year as Isa can throw color. It is so hard not to fall into the color trap even though all I care about is making the best baby possible and love the greys as much or more than the bay or black ones.

Mariska leaves for Oregon next week to her home and it sounds like Nydia will be heading to California soon. Nicodemo will go to South Carolina the end of April. Great for these N babies to go to their permanent homes as we've weaned the fall babies and need room for the new arrivals.

Next to foal, I predict, will be Flama, but boarder Maizie may sneak in. The first time moms are sometimes a little harder to predict--Maizie's will be the first half iberian here in a while and great fun to see as by Urucum, the stunningly wonderful chestnut lusitano that was here for a while before he found his permanent home in Michigan. With each one coming, there is some reason that he or she is the most special one ever!

No sleep so kind of punchy but happy, as always, in my favorite time of year. When the clouds part and rain stops, I'll get photos to make these blog entries a little more interesting.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love St. Patrick's Day!

This is at least the 3rd or maybe 4th St. Patrick's Day where we have had a new life join us. Fantasia had a cutie pie of a filly this afternoon out in the pasture. I could express milk this morning but felt like she'd deliver tonight, so we put Fancy outside on a glorious day and shortly after lunch, she decided to deliver a tall and especially sweet filly. I started looking at Irish names (i.e. Maghnus, a St. Patty Day baby two years ago), but am instead drawn to another mythologic name: Ourania--probably shortened to Nia around here--a goddess/muse and the name meaning "heavenly".

Other good news is I have had two baby inquiry calls today alone so hoping spring will bring a flood of much needed buyers after a quiet winter.

We have weaned 5 of the fall babies and they are doing well with the coming yearling bunch, a couple of which will be heading to their permanent homes in the next month or two. Nemo and Nicodemo were gelded last week and doing well. I love geldings!

And yes, the rumors are true--I am putting my paradise/home for sale in the next month or so when I can get the yard and everything as ship-shape as I can. I laugh when people are emailing me asking if I am selling all the horses. If you know me, could I possibly sell all the horses? I cannot imagine life without them and so no, no, no--I am NOT getting out of the horse business but looking toward downsizing both the overhead and work of this big place and big house for something more manageable. I simply can't afford this place and know I'll find somewhere where the horses will be serene and happy that will be a huge relief from stress for me.

I won't start looking for a new place until this one sells as one can never predict how long or quickly that might happen. For sure, we'll stay as close by as possible as I love the Denton area and need to stay reasonably close for Valente's wife's work and lots of other reasons.

So as the green (mostly weeds) pops out, babies born, a real sense of new beginnings on many levels. Today, I am especially grateful to Fantasia for treating us to a wonderful filly.