Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just for leap day/leap year

Quantico arrived this morning and I got some laughs--zen/calm mamma, Isa, was in no hurry to stand up after her daunting task of foaling this big colt. Even though the birth stall is rather spacious, Quantico decided best to go over mom than around her. Future eventer? Whatever his future, this colt is wondrous--mom's calm, with a hint of humor in his personality, long legs, nice bone and hopefully all that Wanapum is adding to his other offspring.

Being born on leap day, I considered naming Quantum but no, I just know his name is supposed to be Quantico.

Was fun to welome a colt after having 4 fillies in a row. Congrats and thanks to Hernan who bought Hipolita's foal in utero. Boy, talk about hitting the lotto! Hipolita's bay Gitano filly is spectacular. Leggy and looks like will be quite a special mover with lovely neck and head, very upright. A wow filly for sure. The owner chose the name Querendona which I think is lovely.

Next additions should be out of Dolly and Gentileza. Not getting flooded with Q name ideas so you all get to work!

Principe is on the van right now on his way to far into Canada and the Aussie girls leave tomorrow on their big adventure.

A gorgeous day so I am off to delight further in the newest male in my life. Special, special and what we look for in our men: funny!

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