Saturday, August 25, 2012

August has been wonderful

May I introduce you to Zeladora, a pure lusitano mare who stands 14.2 but moves like a GINORMOUS horse!   Zela was born here 9 years ago but has spent the rest of her life with her owner, Robert, with whom I own this property. 

Since I had the great luck in selling as many horses as I had hoped to sell this spring and summer, I am now hoping to find great homes for a number of Robert's lusitanos and hope to have the list on my web sale page soon.

Being the control freak that I am, I have to have horses that I attempt to place here so I can try to accurately describe their personalities and get my own photos and videos.   So far, Alegre, a leggy and incredibly sweet stallion is here and is going to the perfect home in Michigan.  Then Izzy, the most charismatic and darling gelding is going to a beautiful rider in Canada.   At the moment, I have Zela and 3 other mares that may be heading to great homes as well.

In the fall, if they are cycling, I'll be bringing up some of Robert's luso broodmares who have been open the last few years.   I would love to add a luso filly to my herd as my buying days are long over and I've always wanted to add a luso since I've had pre's and sp's, it seems I need one.   I keep forgetting my goal is to reduce my numbers.

What a great August it has been.   We've had a couple of rains and it seems impossible that the pastures that looked dry, yellow and dead sprang back to life and green almost overnight.   We've weaned all but two babies and they are all doing beautifully.    And as is necessary to keep this place going, I am so thankful to have matched some more horses to perfect moms and dads.

The folks who came to pick up Valeria headed out with both Valeria and Habana in the trailer.   Thanks to Annah and Andrea here in Texas!   Quebracho will go to New Mexico with my friend, Laurie, who is undoubtedly one of the most doting horse owners of all times and loves her horses with a passion that is beautiful to witness.   Quillotro will be heading to a two-time buyer in Oklahoma who has long wanted a Wanapum offspring.

I really can't believe how fortunate I am---at this point, I have zero of my own horses for sale  with one filly sale pending and already sold 3 in utero of next year's bunch.   Selling in utero is such a gift to me as then, I can't be tempted and lament not being able to keep each baby. 

My website indicates that we are wanting outside breedings this year (which I have largely avoided in the past).    Hopefully, breeding income will help make up for the big reduction in the number of babies I'll be having.   We are pleased to already have some breedings lined up for spring--if you are considering, let me know so I can get you on that stallion's list.

I hope each of your Augusts was wonderful, too and that fall is here before we know it.

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