Tuesday, September 11, 2012


September 11 still brings on such feelings of sadness....but how lovely this photo is and I am reminded of the fabulous Budweiser commercial with the clydesdales paying their respects.   

On a happier note, we have been blessed with some cooler temperatures and even some rain and seeing green outside is such a mood elevator.   I brought home 3 sick looking scrawny kittens from my horse vet and they are getting fat and make me laugh every day.

Congratulations to Heather who is buying two of the lusitano mares, Corasao and Dancerinia.   The ladies are staying here a few months until we see who Cora will be bred to which, of course, is great with me because as soon as I get to know a horse visiting here, I never want them to leave.

We are not showing this year at IALHA nationals-- life has been too complicated to get horses ready and mostly finances.    But best wishes to those who are showing for a safe and enjoyable show.

Just a few more weeks and Fancy will be foaling---this foal's owner and I are already counting the days way before Fancy's body tells me she is on countdown.    The spring babies are all weaned and the first ones to leave us will be heading to their new homes in the first weeks of October, too.  Never a dull moment around here and of course, I would not have it any other way!

Happy coming fall to you all.  

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