Thursday, November 1, 2012


This is a photograph of Lesley Harrison's fabulous "Mane Attraction", a depiction of Indiano, Conesa's sire.   As many of you know, I have been a long time admirer of Lesley's work and as of November 1, I am now handling the prints and gifts line depicting her art.     I have MUCH work to do to get the website fully stocked, order new products and just figure the whole business out.   I am excited and hopeful that my new business, HK Prints & Gifts,  will be a success!

I'll probably bombard everyone with information but for now, should you be considering christmas gifts, the current website has alot of information at   Please let me know if any questions and check back as we will be adding more images and items.   Many products need to be ordered in mass, but for most any image on the website, I should be able to order giclee prints on canvas or paper or have them digitally printed, which is less expensive.   We may get low on the supply of Lesley's marvelous 2013 calendars so if you are interested in those, order or contact me soon.

Last week, I made a trip to Lesley's studio in Sutter Creek, California.  What a gorgeous place to visit and charming town.   I had fun even though we were working 12 hour days in anticipation of the trailer arriving to pack up and ship the inventory down to me in Texas.  Those of you who know me well can imagine how difficult it was for me being away from the farm but all went well and I am glad to be back home.

Since I wrote in October has been extra  busy.   Julie and Ron came and we had a magical visit.   Letizia and Mistera came along for a couple of week stay and then headed to their new home in northern California.  Thanks, Deb!  Julie headed back to Michigan with the lusitanos, Alegre and Izzy, and my big news is that Julie also took Wanapum.    Wan will be with Julie for much more exposure than he receives here on our quiet farm, and hopefully to be able to go to a number of dressage shows before they head back next October for IALHA nationals.   Therefore, Wanapum is not available for breeding this year but we'll be happy to book for 2014!

Also in October, Quimbara headed to Colorado and Kristin advises that she was, as predicted, a calm and sensible filly from the moment she arrived at her new home. Thanks to repeat customer Becky who had Bienito shipped to his forever home in Michigan.   Dolly and Querendona headed to southern Texas and several of our boarders moved into their owners' new properties.   October was, in short, coggins month around here!

Tomorrow, Quillotro heads to his home in Oklahoma.   We are enjoying two mares visiting that came to breed:  A big black tb/any cross and a beautiful-tempered andalusian mare.   More visitors should be coming and Gitano seems pleased to have a busy fall schedule.   A new boarder pony should be here too!

Karina delivered an outgoing and bold bay filly, Brianna, so congrats to Melinda and Tim on her arrival.   Destinada should foal in the next ten days or so.   This week, we bred Isabelina and Flama back to Gitano so fingers crossed some of these fall breedings result in great foals.

Our best wishes and thoughts to those in the east devastated by Sandy....

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