Friday, July 20, 2012

July has brought heat and blessings!

This stunning creature is our 14 month old colt, Kairo.  Of course, noone would ever in their wildest dreams consider getting on or putting weight on one so young, but we like to get our youngsters used to the feel of a saddle and stirrups.  Kairo is SO BLACK and like Gitano, looks wet with the oily, rich coat.   On any given day, I still swear that greys are my favorites but only to look at the coats on these dark ones to swoon..... I know I am fickle but as of this moment, Kairo is my special friend and I can't spend enough time with him.   Oh, the babies he will have and from the looks of how he seems to love work and his movement without having even thought about using surcingle and sidereins and such is so overreaching and extended that I have equal excitement about  his show career ahead! 

July has been Texas' usual hot and dry so keeping us in your prayers and wishes for some rain would be appreciated---pastures slick as grass with dead grass and cracks getting wider by the hour.  But keep telling ourselves that this year isn't as bad as last at this time so grateful for that as well as for so many things in my life.

For example,  my past customers who come back to buy again-- one of the great honors ever.   Hector, owner of Niagara and Pippa will have quite a future breeding program by adding Ibiza x Gitano colt, Quico to his ever-growing herd.   Thanks to Querendona's owner who, in the fall, will be adopting Dolly too, when he comes to get his super bay Hipolita x Gitano filly.   My lovely friend, Lucie, is buying one in utero next year, and the way she describes the love and attention her Principe from last year is getting, I am beyond pleased she'll be making a home for another one.

I am equally grateful to new customers Michele, who is a super future dressage home for the remarkable Conesa x Wanapum filly, Quintina.   I had the pleasure of a couple day visit with Michele last winter and got to see photos and talk about her beautiful facility and her show experience and I am very humbled that Michele chose one of mine.  Lucky Quintina!   Also lucky is Bienito who sounds like will be going to a lovely lady in Michigan.

I am looking forward to next week's visit by the purchaser of Valeria and her agent with whom I  already  feel so attached, so far only by email, and the week after, the visit with my long time friend who tragically lost her beloved Fantasma and hopefully, will find the next love of her life while she is here.

For those of you who are wondering, the little twin, Milagra, is no longer a tiny filly and growing and has the personality that would fill up a huge clydesdale body.   She has made her owner and I laugh too many times to count.   Thanks for those of you who have asked about her well-being. 

My days are extra busy as I contemplate an additional but new business venture that would be starting on January 1, 2013 but extensive work to be ready between now and then.   I cannot leak a peep of this to anyone, but if this works out, it would be something I would love and not feel at all like work and related to animals--my deepest passion in life.   Stay tuned!

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  1. thank you ms terri, I am very anxious to meet my new friends querendona and dolly. congratulations kairo is awesome and beautiful I hope kairo become a great stallion. see you soon, have a great summer. Hernan.