Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wonder girls

For all of you who have kept me and  Flama in your prayers and thoughts, I am ELATED to report that not only did Flama recover beautifully from her uterine torsion surgery, but she carried her foal to 324 days and had an uncomplicated delivery of this simply lovely filly, Quiela.

After 5 weeks of being couped up in a stall post surgery, Flama has been so patient and as always, is a great mom.  Quiela and Flama are pictured here on Quiela's first morning.   I didn't know I could love Flama any more than I already did, but experiencing the nobility and strength that she handled this whole ordeal, I admire her more than I can even express.   This filly has beaten the odds and besides being a sister to Niza and Otamisia so that we know she will be gorgeous, undoubtedly, Quiela will be special in many other ways, too.

As any of you that know me can imagine, this period of change in my life is stressful and selling any of my horses that I had hoped to keep forever will be excruciating.  I hope all can understand that it makes it even more difficult to have people, all well-intentioned, writing to ask the whys.    I  need the income sales will produce and fewer horses so that when the time is such that I will be looking to move to a small place.  Therefore, please, no more offers of trades that are my initial responses to the new sales information on my website.  

Ibiza should be foaling next and soon.   Talk about a noble mature mare.    Her last two by Gitano were bays and her daughters, Isabelina and Hipolita both had bays by Gitano but for some reason, I feel like this one will be grey.  Is always fun to see if my "feelings/instincts" are correct or way off.   Either grey or bay, I bet I will love him/her!

(Quiela at about 9 hours of age:  grey)

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