Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for thanks

A gorgeous fall and lots of rain which we need makes photo'ing and video'ing a little dicey, but gives more time to enjoy the recent arrivals. How exciting that friend and buyer of two of my boys already, Diana, has been mesmorized by gorgeous Naxos (pictured here) so that there will be three Herradura boys at her gorgeous place and close enough for me to see grow up! Thanks, Diana and how I look forward to our forever friendship.

And thanks to Alfredo in California for choosing the feisty and amazing moving Nastia and may you be like the rest of us and feel like one andalusian won't be enough!

Congratulations to Kim, owner of Nobleza who was confirmed in foal this week to Hereje--Nobleza has had two wonderful natured and darling Hereje fillies in the past and I have no doubt your fall, 2010 foal will be a gem.

I hope I'll be writing an update if Conesa foals in the next week but if not, Happy Thanksgiving to you all---

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