Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here is Nebridius who has miraculously survived his 4th day. He loves to be outside and can trot/canter a few steps before he seems winded and still mostly happy laying down. He and his mom, Hipolita, are handling this slow start with valor and grace. If someone has a hint on how I can keep from loving this little guy, I hope you share it with me!

Other babies are doing great and changing before my eyes--Nimbus and Nastia now a week old today. Valente and I took Chulo and Wanapum for a lesson at Molly's today and both behaved like solid citizens and had good lessons. Mamma cat that had the last litter of 7 (all of which have new homes--yippee) spayed today so we are rocking along and loving this perfect weather than allows one to get so much more done.

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