Friday, November 6, 2009

New arrivals

Yesterday was not only a gorgeous day, but a busy one around here!

In the morning, Corona did an amazing job producing a cutie pie of a colt. Last year, Corona had the gigundo Maestro but when we went to rebreed her to Maestro's sire, Chulo, it was not meant to be. Chulo was just NOT interested! So we switched to Gitano, who was more than happy to help out, and voila! This colt conceived. His first day movement is especially floaty so we had to name him Nimbus--floating like a cloud but also, I can see him zooming with his rider some day as Harry Potter zooms through the air on his flying broom, the Nimbus 2000.

Around 6, Valente headed to the vet with Gentileza and Normando as we've attempted to time things right and she was inseminated with the 2002 frozen semen from Fariseo. Fingers crossed! Is science amazing or what?

To keep me entertained while Valente was gone, Isa decided to foal at about 6:05. Finally, after the four boys in a row, a filly has arrived! I don't know when I've ever had two that looked more like twins that this one and last year's full sister, Mariska. While Isa was still resting from her labor, this little athlete in a feat of pure gymnastics, vaulted herself over her mom's back and thus claimed her name, Nastia, for the Texas born olympic gold medal gymnast. Darling personality and has her mom's calm and outgoing spirit, another treasure.

So now wait on Hipolita with Wanapum's first baby. I can't wait--never known for patience or enough being enough....

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