Monday, November 9, 2009

Latest arrival

Well, worrisome news about Sunday's arrival of Wanapum's first son. Nebridius--yes, a huge name I'll explain later--arrived and it was immediately apparent something was wrong. The vet's best prediction is that a flap that goes to the heart hasn't closed as it should have--when you listen through a stethascope, you can hear air as if windy. As a result, Nebridius is very weak and until 32 hours later, was unable to get up from laying without help. However, this afternoon he is finally standing on his own and has nursed well all along. He's gotten plasma and some fluids and now we just wait. He is likely not to survive but the flap can close on its own in the next couple of weeks. So for now, we just make sure he nurses every 30 to 45 minutes and pray.

Anyone with extra prayers or positive thoughts--please send his way. My hope is that if he isn't going to make it, he'll go quickly and painlessly.

Nebridius is a spanish saint who was very learned and interpreted scripture---somehow this other worldly fellow needed a name with some kind of spirituality attached and if he survives, he needed a big, complicated name.

The good news is that he is the image of his father with the identical long and what I think is beautiful head and arched neck. He has miles of legs and indicates what I've suspected all along--that I'll be most pleased with what Wanapum throws. Hipolita is the best mom ever.

On a cheerier note, I am attaching a photo I took today of little 3 day old Nastia--boy was I ever on target naming her after a gymnast---she flies around and is so athletic, that I just can't even remember when I've had one like her. Special! They all are!

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