Monday, March 10, 2014

Cadiz is growing and weaned!

You may have seen the post several months ago of Ibiza's colt, Cadiz.   Well, he is now weaned and has just blown me away with his wonderful personality.   Put in with all the older spring foals, and being the only fall foal, he fit into his little herd immediately and is so easy for anything we ask of him.

This photo is of his stupendously great foal blanket that his owner sent---it was a Christmas gift from her parents which is so special on so many levels.   And proof that Cadiz will live a luxurious and spoiled life--having only the best.   

I am still not sure if he is going to be a true black or a black/bay like his daddy.   We bred Ibiza back to Gitano and should know this week if she took.    Reproductively, she is so healthy and in heat, literally begged to be bred.    Poor mature mare that I debated about retiring, but when I think there may be another one like Cadiz for next year......well, you know me, I couldn't resist just one more.  

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