Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October, 2015

Some of you know that I had the opportunity to have two glorious outside mares here during the last year.  My friend, Alice, was not planning on breeding her two mares and offered to let me breed them.    The stud muffin above is the latest arrival - he is out of Kisia, who Alice bought in utero from us (Kisia is Habana x Gitano) and by Kairo.   He is the image of his sire and the photo above was taken at 17 hours old.    I had been intending on making a new colt to keep, figuring when a colt was breeding age, Gitano would be approaching 20 years old.  I even bought frozen semen from Spain to create such a creature.  Making zero sense whatsoever,  instead, I don't think I can part with this special, delightful colt.   Should anything happen to Gitano or Kairo, Triunfante can step up to take over and carry on their lines.  Makes no sense to keep one that is related to nearly all the mares and fillies, which tells you how crazy I am about this colt!   I am way too far into my horse business to try to start making sense now.   I'll be eternally grateful to Alice for allowing me this opportunity and to Kisia for making this mini-Kairo.

To the left, you will see the other recent arrival resulting from the "borrowing" of Alice's mare, Valencia ADP.   Named Tara, this filly is the image of her gorgeous mother with an especially lovely head and neck.   So far, she is proving to be a little character in personality and likely will be for sale.   She has a pedigree that anyone would be impressed with and hopefully, will find a perfect home while her gorgeous mother is still visiting us to see who she comes from!

After a somewhat more difficult than usual winter and early spring, this Fall finds us healthier and doing well.  Valente is back to working full capacity and doing beautifully working Kairo under saddle.    All medical reports are that he is doing fine and back to his normal self.  I had my knee replacement the end of June and am grateful with every pain free step that I take that I had it done and am back to zooming around the place.

The horses, too, are doing well, with somewhat of an exodus going on.   In the last weeks, Dulci left for her home here in Texas and special thanks to Vicky for adopting her into your family for a breeding and pleasure riding career.  My friend, Melinda, has been so important in my horse life and recently purchased giant Quiana to add to her broodmare group.  Quiana is here with us until at least spring when we'll be breeding her for Melinda to Kairo.  Maximus, the lovebug of a half-andalusian went to former buyer Robin who is as loving an animal owner as I know.   Max, who shipped last week,  already looks so happy at his green and lovely home in Florida.

Tephra and Realengo have quite a journey to make through Washington State, across the border into Canada and on a ferry to Vancouver Island.   Their owner, Beverly, has become a friend and has built a brand new barn and new fencing so that they will live in luxury.  Thanks, Beverly, for being willing to buy from us and from so far away!   Cadiz is likewise heading to a wonderful home complete with brand new fencing, a soon-to-be-built new barn and with two new pasture buddies.  Thanks, Carol, for taking the leap of faith in purchasing Ibiza's last foal in utero.  Who would have guessed that he would be this super tall black sweetheart?  I figured a sweetheart, but never guessed would be a black!   Finally, angel sweet Tiersa is heading the first week of November to her new mom in Michigan.   I am certain that Lori is going to be smitten in no time with this engaging and personality-plus filly.  Niza's statuesque colt, Travieso, by Kairo, will be heading to his home in South Texas the end of December. 

We couldn't manage without our wonderful boarders and have room for even more if anyone has retired or pasture horses needing a home where they will be loved and spoiled.   Thank you to Katy, Melinda, Katherine and Whitney for trusting us with your horses.   I love them all!

One more Fall baby due who is sold if a filly.    I can always count on the cross of Destinada and Gitano to produce a wonderful offspring.   Then we have a bit of a wait through the worst of winter until Otamisia will be the first to foal this spring with another of her black Kairo offspring, and then Flama with a Gitano baby and then Isabelina with a Gitano baby.    Right now, Gentileza, Hipolita, Prisca and Niza are open and the goal is if they are cycling in November, to get them bred for next fall babies.  I am still doing "my thing" of playing on paper with who gets to breed to which stallion

Since I don't tend to write on this blog very regularly, I will go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a season of having many things to be thankful for.     Best, Terri

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