Friday, June 20, 2014

Spring, 2014 breeding is finished

This little stud muffin photo'd above is Sarape, Kairo's second colt out of Niza.    Thanks to Hernan who is buying from us for the multipled time in taking the plunge to choose this one in utero.   If this colt ended up to be shown in dressage when he matures, I'd say he'd be getting 9's on his walk and trot.   Kairo has simply outdone himself on his first two colts this year.
Also thanks to Jenni who bought the giant, big boned and impressive Quiana (Wanapum x Destinada).   Everyone who meets this filly in person refuses to believe she is a mere 1-1/2 years old with the presence she has.
With the heat upon us, we are so pleased to be finished with our spring breeding season and a successful one at that, with all our mares that we bred in foal.  Next spring we'll be having 4 Gitano babies (Gentileza, Flama, Hipolita and Isabelina) and 4 Kairo babies (Niza, Otamisia, Prisca and Destinada).  The first black or bay filly is sold and the first black or bay colt is sold, but the others will be available for sale in utero.    If next year's crop is anything close to as nice as this year's group, I will feel happy for sure.   I may say this every year but Valente and I feel like all 6 this year are particularly spectacular.
I may have written previously but in case I didn't, in the fall we have the huge honor to be able to welcome a 16.2 bay mare back that we will breed in the fall if she is still cycling.    Valencia has an allstar pedigree that explains why she is an extravagant mover that has to be seen as my words are inadequate.  (see more information about her coming soon for her own mare page).   Val was here last year to breed to Gitano and I fell in love with her face and everything else about her and she had a very special Gitano filly.   So Val is coming here and if she'll be ready to breed in the fall, so that her foal won't be alone the following fall, we will probably go ahead and also breed Lisa, our solid black filly bred by Ami MacHugh.    Val will be back to Gitano and Lisa will be to Kairo. 
Now with breeding over, we spend our days playing with the babies and mowing and weedeating---praying for lots of rain so there is alot of mowing and weedeating to be done.   I hope anyone reading this has more exciting summer plans such as vacations and the like.  Wishing cool summer nights and lots of rain for all the drought areas!

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