Friday, May 16, 2014

Foaling is finished for 2014!

I don't know how the end of March, all of April and half of May have flown by....but an email from a long time friend reminded me that I haven't added photos or blog info in a long time so here I am!

What a wonderful foaling season we have had and the cutting way back on number of mares and number of babies is agreeing with us!   Above is Soldado (Gitano x Isabelina) who has personality plus and movement that is quite extravagant.  My theory is when the Remate daughters have bay foals by Gitano, they are more similar to Gitano than their moms.   But when the Remate daughters have greys, like Soldado, Saragossa, and Serpico, they end up with Remate's upright neck and hopefully, some of his movement.   Soldado is for sale and soon (hopefully) my website will be updated and a slideshow with lots more photos taken today at 28 days old will be on there.

I was very fortunate to have sold 3 in utero.   The result of the breeding of Otamisia x Kairo was a solid black colt that the buyer named Sonador.  He is all boy, round and beautiful.   The other Kairo baby was also a colt, out of Niza, and his buyer named him Sarape.   A photo of beautiful Sarape at 12 days old is below.

The last one that was presold was the Gitano/Destinada foal which turned out to be a huge filly that is of the same great quality as the other 3 of this cross, all of which are now under saddle.
Gentileza once again threw the giant of the year---the last two of her cross with Gitano look like will be at least 16.3 and Serpico, from this year, will be that, too.   He is friendly and everything that anyone could want.  I hope someone wanting a gelding for dressage will come along as he is a perfect candidate.  
Last but not least is Saragossa or "Sara" named for my niece who is feminine, upright and just a beauty.    Daughter of Gitano and Hipolita, she will be the only filly we'll have for sale this year.   She is grey----it is odd that we had 10 in a row dark ones from the Ibiza/Hipolita/Isa and Gitano breedings but this year, both Hipo and Isa had greys.   When they are this nice, I'll take them whatever color:
Tomorrow will be a sad day as Romantica and Romeo are leaving and heading to Ontario and Quebec, respectively.   Also going to her forever home,  Conesa's new owners are coming down and will be heading to Kansas on Sunday.    What a wonderful mare and the gifts she has given us year after year in her awesome moving babies.  She is in foal to Gitano and hopefully, the lovely new owners will get a foal of their dreams.
We've had several outside mares here to breed and working on getting our mares back in foal.   Otamisia, Niza, Prisca and Destinada will be bred to Kairo.  If his first two colts are any indication of the quality of what he is going to throw, it will be exciting to have more of his babies next year.  Flama, Gentileza, Isabelina and Hipolita will be bred back to Gitano.  When crosses work year after year, it is difficult to change--even if Kairo looks as if he is going to match Gitano in terms of awesome offspring.  Hopefully, we'll have a visiting huge bay mare come to breed to Gitano in the fall---she was here to breed last year and I fell in love with her so if the stars align correctly, she'll be coming back to spend some time with us.
We hope everyone has had a wonderful spring despite the odd weather across the continent.   Our fingers are crossed for a less than brutal summer with lots of rain and plentiful hay crops.   

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