Monday, March 10, 2014

The best time of year!

After a winter of weirdo weather, some health issues and the bummer of Flama having aborted, I was tired of myself whining and ready to move into over-the-top joy mode.   So here it is!

Friday night, Otamisia had an easy delivery of her first foal who happens to be Kairo's first offspring/first colt!   I am beyond thrilled as the colt looks like mini-Kairo (at least for now) and is I can see in the flesh just exactly what I hoped the Gitano daughters would produce with Kairo.   Thank you Carlos for your leap of faith of buying this guy in utero--you were rewarded bigtime with this special, wonderful black colt.   I'm not sure if Carlos is picking his name or I am, but he is the first "S" baby and since I can't go without a name instantly, I've been calling him Samson for the moment.   Here he is photo'd at 48 hours old.
 Seems very calm, despite his first time mom still trying to figure all this out, no white markings and looks like Ota x Kairo will be forever paired!

An outside mare is here to breed to Kairo and so he was collected for the first time last week and just as we experienced with his live covers, he is a perfect gentleman, patient and easy breeder.   If a young stallion gets any better than this, I don't think I can stand it!   We also bred Sirena, the half-andalusian champagne to Kairo.  I'll be breeding several more of my own this year to Kairo but only a very few to my customers or special circumstances as he is so young that he doesn't need to be overbred!
If anyone has any great ideas for names beginning with "S", please send them along.   I have a list but never know if a name suits the babies.   Since I've sold another couple in utero, I don't have that many to name, but still, it adds to all the fun to have extra-special names ready.
Still on cloud nine from Ota's colt being born, and within twenty-four hours, Melinda Hallmark's filly pictured to the left arrived!   This is another of the great cross of Karina and Gitano.   Melinda named her Danzadora and of course I'm already stuck on calling her "Danza".   She is calm and friendly and Karina, being so experienced, the best possible mom.    The next two coming won't be mine---Melinda's next one, Karateka x Gitano should be by the end of March and Katy's Gracie x Gitano about the same time.  I can't wait---I enjoy them the same whether they are mine or not!
photo taken at 24 hours old of Danza

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