Thursday, October 10, 2013

Congratulations, Carol!

This little dreamboat is named Cadiz--- a special reason why I agreed in utero buyer, Carol, should not follow my usual alphabetical requirement that all babies of the same year have names starting with a certain letter.  What a dollbaby and I am so grateful to Ibiza, who perhaps should be retired at her age, but who seems to be clear that she is willing to continue her job as one of the great broodmares of all times!  Sired by Gitano, this fellow was born  last night, 10/9/13 at about 11:15 pm--Ibiza even thoughtful about not keeping me awake until the wee hours of the morning.  This colt will be a real gem.  Leggy, beautiful head and personality plus.  I think it would be impossible not to fall for him and of course, within less than 24 hours, I am in love!  Thanks, Carol, for taking the leap of faith and choosing Ibiza's baby in utero--you did well.  VERY well!
Thanks also to Carlos who has bred to mine and bought two from me in the past for purchasing Wanapum's bay son, Realengo.  Since Carlos has a grey Hereje son, he needs a black colt to have the grey, bay and black trio.   I am tickled that he is also buying one of Kairo's coming babies if we have a black colt.  Or when we have a black colt in the spring.
One of the real blessings that I've had is that my friend and one of our mentors, Molly (who trained Galisteo when he was started under saddle and given Valente riding lessons on Gitano, Chulo and Wanapum) is buying Kidron.   Having all competitive dressage swedish warmbloods, I could not believe it when she fell head over heels and wanted Kidron.  She needed him like a hole in the head but like we all do, Molly followed her heart, took him home to ride 6 days a week for about 6 weeks and finally concluded she could not part with him.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect home for this unbelievably soulful horse.
Next week is my first foray into the art booth business and I hope my friends at the IALHA national show will come by. I am so excited about several of our new products and Lesley's new andalusian images. Not showing horses, I will spend more time watching classes and in the arena than my last 20 years of going to Nationals.

Will start our fall breeding the first of November if the open mares are cycling and have a couple of outside breedings lined up.  No more babies due for a while so we can spoil Cadiz rotten.   Next will be Karina, if she hasn't headed to her home by February and following or near Karina will be Otamisia's and Kairo's first offspring.  So much to look forward to.   Happy fall to everyone---we are so delighted fall decided to finally show up in Texas.

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