Saturday, August 24, 2013


Counting the seconds until August ends so we can see the possibility of fall weather.  The poor horses just manage our gross Texas heat somehow.

Please say prayers, send positive energy or cross your fingers that Kidron has found his permanent home.   My good friend Molly (who has given Valente all his riding lessons and trained our Galisteo for me) is a grand prix rider who heretofore has owned all kinds of horses, mostly imported Swedish Warmbloods, but never an andy.    Just as everyone who has met Kidron since he returned here, Molly simply fell in love with him and I couldn't have wished upon a star for a more perfect owner.

Speaking of friends, Julie and Wanapum headed to another dressage show this weekend and on first ride, fresh off the trailer, got a 68.5%!   Of course he seems to have a particular talent for scoring well on the classes she hasn't signed up as qualifiers and not nearly as well on the qualifiers.   Since I don't care about the scores and just want him to be his best, be fun for Julie, and get out in the world more than he ever would here, I am just delighted that Julie has ventured to the 3rd show in the last couple of months.

Lesley just finished a painting of an andalusian so I ordered prints and have been spending money like a crazy person to have some new products for the upcoming shows.   October is IALHA nationals and the problem is there are so many images and so many products depicting them, that I don't know how I can cram all into a 10 x 10 booth.    Then in November, heading to Belton, Texas and so excited to get to see a friesian/gypsy/drum show--talk about gorgeous horses.   Lesley has numerous paintings depicting those breeds and for them, too, I'll have wallets, kindle covers, iphone covers, compacts,  afghans, baby bids, short and long sleeved tees, new cards and more!  

I hope I'll see some of you at those shows, with or without horses.  Is always a wonderful time of year and a reunion of sorts with the friends I only get to see annually.

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