Sunday, August 11, 2013

Is it fall yet?

Cleaning and came across this photo---how old do I feel when one of my childhood photos looks this aged?   Anyway, this is me with my beloved Apache.  Apache made up in heart what he might have been lacking in looks.    Over the years from when I got him around age 6, I gave up taking piano lessons, new clothes and all kinds of things when my parents would attempt to bribe me that if I gave up Apache, I could have this or that.  I made the right decisions!   I had him until I was 16 when we moved to Texas and I had to sell him......  one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life!  I have come a long way both in quantity and arguably, quality.
Just when we Texans cannot be more sick of summertime, August arrives and gets even hotter.  A good time to catch up on indoor chores, paperwork and all the things I only do if I can't tolerate being outside.  It has been a very slow season for horse sales-I've had some wonderful sounding prospective buyers, but somehow the perfect matches just aren't happening.   Hopefully, will pick up soon. 
Have been busy as Lesley's 2014 calendars are in and thankfully, lots of orders.   I didn't order as many this year as so expensive, so if anyone wants one, better order sooner than later as may run out this year (hope so!) .   I am planning to do a booth at the IALHA national show in October and Lesley is, as I write, painting a new andalusian so that I'll have several new andalusian images with some various products depicting it, for the show.   I only have a very few of each thing made, but will have some large kindle covers, some compacts, wallets and a few "new" products by October.   The next goal is to go to Belton, Texas the end of November for a gypsy vanner and friesian show as we have tons of images and products depicting those beautiful breeds.
Probably will have more interesting news when I next write but wishing all of you the best for the remainder of summer.   

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