Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A fun brush with greatness?

How fabulous that a friend, Alice, gave some favorite names to her professor/friend who was writing a book. Michael F. Smith, the author, wrote a yet unpublished "The Sons of Thunder" It is a story about a man, his unnamed dog and his horse, HABANA. How fun that he chose the name of my wonder mare who also happens to be the mother of Alice's lovely 3 year old mare! I will have to buy the book as soon as it is available.

I took one of my rare away-from-home trips to Orange County, California to attend my niece's college graduation. Just gone 2 nights and was anxious to get home even after that short a time. But I didn't mind the gorgeous weather out there--outdoor graduation and I had to borrow a sweater to wear. If only that were the case here in already 100 degree Texas.

Cynthia reports that Maestro was calm and settled in immediately upon his arrival to his forever home in Michigan last Saturday. Likewise, Nacar had a safe journey and bonded easily with her new mini-companion, Elijah (great name!) in Maine. Nastia apparently got off the trailer in California and immediately rolled. I continue to be thankful for all the uneventful transports of my former horses to their new homes.

Corona will also be heading to California soon to Deb and Patti who have already had a small herd of horses from or bred here. How grateful I am for repeat customers.

Confirmed Flama back in foal to Gitano and still working on the last couple before the heat declares breeding season to be over. Perhaps when breeding is over, Valente can actually get on a horse around here!

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