Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lusitanos have arrived

Since going to Brazilian and Portuguese National shows, I have not been able to be in a buying mode, but have yearned to have a lusitano. My friends and boarders this week brought their 2 pregnant mares, yearling filly and 2010 filly to live with us. Like boomerangs, Utopia and Cachaca have been here before their current owners bought them and sent them for a while to Michigan. More horses to love so I am all for it!

Our blistering hot summer did not seem to go by quickly but now September is flying by. I've done a little bit of volunteer work trying to help with the upcoming IALHA National Show in October and have decided to run (unopposed as it happened) for a seat on the Registry Board. The last couple of years I have basically disappeared from shows and the Association while the whole foot nightmare was going on and so I am back with a vengeance!

In October, we'll be showing Chulo in the psp senior stallion class and the next day, he'll be heading to his new home which is best happening during the show when I'll have alot on my mind, but will be one of my saddest goodbyes ever. Wanapum will be in his first ride other than here or at our trainer's house and having never ridden with another horse in the ring with him, the warmup ought to be interesting! We are taking Fantasia for the pre spanish senior mares class and showing Libertado in the 3 year old gelding futurity class for his owner. It has been fun having Libertado back a week or so for Valente to practice but when do I not think it is great to have incoming horses?

October also begins our smallest in a while fall foaling season. Dolly is due first with another Gitano baby, then Karateka (who was revised this week) with her first foal, by Hereje, and Habana who is bred to Wanapum.
Pictured above are spring, 2010 fillies Otamisia and Oceanica last night in the mist and mud. Several people have commented on Ota's previous photos asking if the stripes were from sweat but no, she looks like she is part zebra on her way to turning black. I've seen tiger stripes on legs before but never had one like this.

That is the latest from Denton. Hope all of you and yours are happy that fall is here and healthy, wealthy and wise.

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  1. Beautiful mares in the pic of luck at Nationals!