Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seven for Seven!

Another successful foaling season comes to an end. Can you believe it? Seven fillies in a row, the last 6 being by Gitano. Last night, Bielsa had a lovely and predictably sweet bay filly --no markings. Bielsa's always seem to be the best natured of the group and I think this one will be no exception. If anyone has a great idea for an "O" name, please let me know. I don't usually pick human names but am thinking maybe Olivia--she is such a feminine thing. Still wobbly on those legs so photos will be coming later.

We continue to do well with our getting mares bred back. Of our recent visitors, it seems everyone is being drawn to Wanapum so using him a little more this year, now that he is a big 4, soon to be 5 year old. So far Habana, Conesa, Dehesa and Fantasia are in foal to him.

Had a fascinating visitor here last week who chose Nacar so all the N's are sold and soon to be leaving. Nacar will be going to Booth Bay, Maine to a dream home in a gorgeous New England setting and will have the best of care and love.

Now that some states are requiring negative pyroplasmosis tests, the shipping documents to get babies ready to leave are a little more complicated and keeping us busy. Nicodemo leaves this Friday, Nastia next weekend and Nacar and Maestro the following weekend.

I know largely due to the fact that the last two foaling seasons had me mean as a snake, being in a cast, but with all these lovely fillies, I can't remember enjoying a group of babies any more than I have this lovely spring. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

I may have already used this photo but I still love it---and love that many people can't tell which one is Chulo and which one is Gitano!

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  1. Hi Terri!

    May I make a name suggestion for the newest little "O" filly?

    I have two favourites:

    Odette, for the lovely swan-maiden in Tchaikovsky's Ballet Swan Lake and

    Orabela: which means 'golden-beautiful' in Esperanto

    It is fabulous to see so many fillies this year!