Monday, April 26, 2010

Could this be a 100% filly spring?

This photo is Oceanica, 9 days old today (Karina x Gitano). What a mover! I almost hate to see this one go to someone for a broodmare as she will be such a fun ride--all 3 gaits just lovely to watch and I bet she'll be a dream to ride. Tall and I'm guessing will end up black/bay like Gitano.

Last night, for the first time in my horse career that I can remember, I was hoping for a colt, but Destinada had another filly. Thankfully, Desti and Obriza are healthy and like full brother and sister, Macanuo and Nydia, I think Obriza is going to be fabulous. But I'd agreed to sell a grey colt to the nicest people who have been diligent about payments and were hoping for their colt last fall. When that didn't happen, they agreed to wait until spring. So now, 6 fillies in a row and the only mare left to foal is Bielsa who can't have a grey so waiting to hear what these nice folks want to do.

Will get photos of the newest filly in a day or two when she's out and about and bombard anyone reading with more photos.

Busy mostly with closing down the office and final move this Wednesday, so these late nights foaling are taking tolls but I should have a couple of weeks until Bielsa delivers so sleep on the way for me. Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather as much as I am.

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