Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love St. Patrick's Day!

This is at least the 3rd or maybe 4th St. Patrick's Day where we have had a new life join us. Fantasia had a cutie pie of a filly this afternoon out in the pasture. I could express milk this morning but felt like she'd deliver tonight, so we put Fancy outside on a glorious day and shortly after lunch, she decided to deliver a tall and especially sweet filly. I started looking at Irish names (i.e. Maghnus, a St. Patty Day baby two years ago), but am instead drawn to another mythologic name: Ourania--probably shortened to Nia around here--a goddess/muse and the name meaning "heavenly".

Other good news is I have had two baby inquiry calls today alone so hoping spring will bring a flood of much needed buyers after a quiet winter.

We have weaned 5 of the fall babies and they are doing well with the coming yearling bunch, a couple of which will be heading to their permanent homes in the next month or two. Nemo and Nicodemo were gelded last week and doing well. I love geldings!

And yes, the rumors are true--I am putting my paradise/home for sale in the next month or so when I can get the yard and everything as ship-shape as I can. I laugh when people are emailing me asking if I am selling all the horses. If you know me, could I possibly sell all the horses? I cannot imagine life without them and so no, no, no--I am NOT getting out of the horse business but looking toward downsizing both the overhead and work of this big place and big house for something more manageable. I simply can't afford this place and know I'll find somewhere where the horses will be serene and happy that will be a huge relief from stress for me.

I won't start looking for a new place until this one sells as one can never predict how long or quickly that might happen. For sure, we'll stay as close by as possible as I love the Denton area and need to stay reasonably close for Valente's wife's work and lots of other reasons.

So as the green (mostly weeds) pops out, babies born, a real sense of new beginnings on many levels. Today, I am especially grateful to Fantasia for treating us to a wonderful filly.

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