Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interesting statistics

Well, at least interesting to me! I keep records of all kinds of things like number of days a mare foals each years and what sex offspring the stallions throw. As of this morning, here is what I have for ones born here or that I bred and heard the outcome of the pregnancy:

Pinturero: 13 fillies, 4 colts so 76.5% fillies
Remate: 30 fillies, 22 colts so 57.70% fillies
Gitano: 35 fillies, 29 colts so 54.69% fillies
Galisteo: 100% colts for the 3 babies here
Hereje: 21 fillies, 25 colts for 54.35% colts
Chulo and Wanapum: 50/50 colts and fillies

1 comment:

  1. Hi Terri... You don't know me, but I am working with lovely Galisteo purchased from your farm in 2008! I happened to find this report and thought I would let you know... Of our 2010 crop, we have 4 wonderful colts and 2 beautiful fillies by Mr. Galisteo! Lots of changes going on at our Denison Ranch. I would love to meet you one day... Best wishes, Ana Gilmour